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See how I freeze my eggs

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Last December I was able to score 12 dozen FREE eggs at Shaw’s (you can see that here).  That got me to experimenting with freezing eggs.

At first I was going to scramble most of the eggs and freeze them, cooked. But I really wanted to try freezing some whole, and raw.  Here is what I discovered…

When a raw egg thaws, the yolk stays fairly firm.  It makes THE BEST fried eggs!  We love the fried eggs SO MUCH that from now on, I will always freeze my eggs before making fried eggs… they are that good! You may need to flatten the yolk down a bit with a spatula. Eggs that have not been frozen too long tend to still have a runny yolk.

As for baking, I’m not fussy. Even though the yolk is fairly firm, I still thaw the eggs and use for baking. If you don’t like the looks of bits of yolk in your batter, take the yolk out and use just the whites! The whites thaw perfectly. You would never know they were previously frozen.

Here is how I freeze my eggs! I found these sweet little plastic containers at Family Dollar awhile ago. I think they were 8 for $1 and I bought something like 10 packages (that’s when I used to spend money).

Little did I ever know I’d need all those containers to freeze eggs (just got 4 more dozen FREE about a week ago).  I just plop one egg in each container, snap on the lid and freeze!


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1 comment to See how I freeze my eggs

  • Kathy

    I like this idea. Our local grocery store has eggs for 98 cents a dozen. I was just doing a search for how to freeze raw eggs. Thanks for the tip.