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Why I came home without a freezer

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My day started out on a good note.  My car was ready to be picked up at the shop.  On the way home I could stop at Walmart to pick up my wireless printer. Then I could swing by Shaw’s to get my freezer. That was the plan.

I hopped into my car and found that I was still driving 35mph, not because I had to, but because I was soooo used to driving that speed for months and months due to a bad transmission.  I decided to speed up. I was so overjoyed with my new found speed that I didn’t notice that the car in front of me was stopping… so I hit the brakes. The sound I heard was horrid.  It was not the sound of a crash, but the sound of really bad brakes. And since my brakes are fairly new, I should not be hearing that kind of sound.  I turned around and headed back to the shop.

The mechanic was on lunch break. So I waited and waited and waited.  And waited.  A lunch break sure is long when you’re not the one eating.  They finally got my car on the lift and discovered my problem was a huge chunk of ice.  Ice.  Not bad brakes.  Good.  No additional expense.  It almost made it worth the wait.  I was on my way to Walmart.

I picked up my printer then decided to use my coupon for free milk when I buy three breakfast items.  The cashier had never seen that coupon before so she called the front guy over. He had never seen it either but needed to check it out because he had a problem with the coupon. The problem was not the free milk and not the fact that I bought 3 bananas as my breakfast items (total 44¢, got the 3 smallest ones they had). No, the problem was that my printed coupon was black and white and it looked like a photo copy.

Every now and then, Walmart (and that guy in particular) has a problem with my high quality laser printed coupons.  I invited him to check the coupon online using the veri-fy number on the coupon. Off he went. After making me wait 20 minutes, I was told I could use the coupon “this time” but that next time my coupon can’t look like a copy.  Oh, boy.  It was time for a little pow wow with the store manager, not my first at Walmart, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.  It all ended good, but I was in that store f o r e v e r.

Now it was too late for me to hit Shaw’s because it took three hours to get my car and my printer (and that lovely free milk and itty bitty breakfast bananas… tee hee) and I had to get home because someone from visiting nurses was coming over. I waited and waited and waited. She was one hour and fifteen minutes late.  No call.  Just late.  Then she stayed until dark.  Phew!  Time to get the freezer.

There was one freezer left.  And of course, it was in a box. I don’t know why I assumed I’d be able to look at one out of the box. I wanted to see it, feel it, smell it.  I was not in the mood to get that big box to my home only to find that I didn’t quite like the freezer.  Then I started to feel like I was buying that freezer just to get the coupons for free stuff… and I don’t need free stuff cause I have tons of free stuff (did I just say I don’t need free stuff???).  If the coupons would have been for meat, dairy, and produce, I would have been more in love with the freezer.

So, I left with no freezer.  I left with nothing but this sinking feeling that I should have bought the freezer. I know I’ll regret not getting it. But, I also know I could have regretting getting it.  I’m a regretting kind of girl.

I still say that freezer is an awesome deal for anyone who needs a freezer. It just wasn’t in the cards for me. At least not today.  But hey, I can finally drive 65 and I don’t have to say a little prayer each time I put my Jeep in reverse. And that feels good.


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10 comments to Why I came home without a freezer

  • Stacey

    The Biddeford Walmart is just as bad with coupons! It gets so frustrating I no longer go there unless its an amazing deal that I just cant pass on. I was tossing around the freezer too but was trying to make it ok in my head to buy a second freezer for coupons…I decided against it! Sometimes you’ve just got to see that you can pass on coupons. Amazing the things one will do for a coupon!!!

    • Dzines

      I had a horror story experience at Biddeford.  I even wrote to corporate and got a call back but they got me mixed up with someone else, someone from Sanford, Florida who also complained. They could not even follow up on a complaint the right way. And even after I told the guy I was NOT Sylvia from Florida, he continued to try and solve her problem by talking to me. Unreal… LOL

  • Patty-linn

    I DO need a freezer and now that I’ve read your story I am really nervous about them not having one by the time I get there! SSYAA Basketball Playoffs this morning, hair appointment after. Is this really worth changing my hair appt for???? LOL I guess, worse case scenario, we can take a field trip to Saco (per Jin’s note!). Sorry you had such a rough day Darlene!!! Oh, and I don’t even coupon at the Sanford Wal-Mart anymore. They’re just too nasty with me. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to scam anyone. All the coupons I print and use are legit and I don’t need to be treated the way they treat me. (Was it the kid with the ponytail???? He was the one that denied me the LAST time I ever shopped at Sanford’s  Wal-Mart!) The Wal-Mart in Somersworth is AWESOME and is the only one that I’ll be shopping at from now on, unless I’m REALLY desperate!

    • Darlene

      I just can’t give up on walmart no matter how sometimes I’d love to. I just keep trying to educate them. And yeah, ponytail guy.

  • Alta

    Saco also has one out of the box on display in front of the bakery, if you change your mind.

  • Kim

    I thought about it too and kept reading the list of coupons. But I have an upright that I traded a chest freezer for. I love the upright freezers because it is so much easier to keep organized. So I finally reminded myself I didn’t like the chest freezer (and neither did my back) and I really don’t need to spend $160 just to get $160 in coupons some of which I may not even use.

  • Jin

    If you change your mind on the freezer, the people at the Saco Shaws told me that they accidently purchased 20 extra…..