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Home Pedicure: Sexy Feet for Summer!

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Feet. Ew. Nobody likes their own feet, but most of us like to wear flip flops or strappy sandals. I recently splurged on myself and got my first pedicure. It wasn’t as wonderful as I had imagined and I realized (being the frugal person that I am) that I could do it myself (and probably do a better job). Here are some simple steps I have done, which have gotten my tootsies looking good and ready for the warm weather:

  1. Remove any polish from your toes.
  2. Take a file and shape your nail by filing it one way (don’t file in both directions, you’ll get a smoother tip this way).
  3. Buff your toenails to smooth them out.
  4. Soak your feet in warm water and dry them off.
  5. Take a foot file (I use a Ped Egg, which you can find in the nail polish/home pedicure section of most stores) and file the callous and dry skin areas on your foot (it is so important to make sure your feet are dry, because you do not want to file away wet (raw) skin. This should not hurt and if it does, you are probably doing it wrong, if anything it should tickle!
  6. Take an emery pad (the Ped Egg comes with this, too) and smooth out the spots you’ve just worked on.
  7. Soak your feet and rinse them clean of any dry skin that the file or emery pad might have brought to the surface.
  8. Take a foot scrub and massage it into your feet, the kind I use sends tingling vibes through my feet and it feels awesome after. Then, rinse it off and dry your feet.
  9. Lotion your feet.
  10. Put a pair of cotton socks on (overnight) and when you wake up your feet will feel silky smooth.

I never thought it could or would be this easy, but I practice this method 2-3 times a week. I now feel comfortable in my own feet and not embarrassed of what they look like in sandals!

Please feel free to share your home pedicure tips, too! Any favorite brands of nail polish? I’m looking for a good brand that won’t chip away on my toes!

Written by Jillian.



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  • Seapup24

    You can get your nail files and toe separators free and/or super cheap using the Cover Girl coupons at Family Dollar!! =) Have patience with the cashiers, though, they don’t like to scan easy but they will absolutely honor them!