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Look for this $25 OFF Meat Rebate at Shaw’s

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Chrystie over at I Love to Gossip posted about a rebate that one of her readers spotted.  Here’s the scoop… the rebate is for $25 back when you spend $40 worth of Beef, Chicken, Seafood and/or Tortilla/Tortilla Chips and beer.  But Maine residents do NOT have to buy beer to get the rebate!  So, you can get $25 off just meat if you want!  That’s $40 worth of meat for only $15… awesome!!!

If you spot this rebate (look where the beer is) please let me know what store you found it at… and send me one, will ya! :O)

Thanks for the heads up I Love to Gossip!  Please like Chrystie’s facebook page!


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1 comment to Look for this $25 OFF Meat Rebate at Shaw’s

  • Florymuz

    Dear Darlene, I am a relatively new fan of yours and thanks to your post I was on the lookout for this rebate! And actually it wasn’t even me who found it, it was my husband. Thank you for the heads up. Respectively, I teared 1 for you. as you seemed to not have found it. Do you already have it or still need one?    Tsveti.