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The Back and Forth about BOGO Coupons at Shaw’s – It’s Back to No

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A little while ago there was chatter that Shaw’s was going to start allowing couponers to use printed internet BOGO coupons with manager approval.  I asked Dan on Shaw’s facebook to give us the wording since it was not in the written policy yet.  This is what Dan said about a week ago:  Mfg coupons for free product (including BOGO) or that are > $4.99 may be accepted upon managerial review and approval of the coupon(s).

Now it seems Shaw’s has changed their tune a bit.  I think the new policy will be good, but I think they maybe jumped the gun and are waiting for the new written policy to come out before we all jump on our managers.

This is what Dan said on facebook yesterday in reply to a question about the BOGO coupons:

We entertained the acceptance of these coupons in our stores recently and unfortunately there remains some debate on the issue. In the brief interim, officially, we cannot accept these coupons,as of now, however a long-term decision is expected to be made and a completely updated policy unveiled within the next couple weeks. I apologize for any inconvenience we’ve caused you and thank you for your patience as we diligently work to evolve our policy to meet your needs.

Dan also said this in reply to another post today:

The decision was made to hold off/delay any formal policy changes a little longer until everyone is on the same page and store personnel could be thoroughly trained in the new procedures… I’m confident that you will be pleased with the finalized long-term policy when it’s officially released within the next couple weeks or so, (we’re almost there, I promise!).

So folks, for now it’s back to no printed internet BOGO coupons.


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4 comments to The Back and Forth about BOGO Coupons at Shaw’s – It’s Back to No

  • darlenemichaud

    No printed internet BOGO coupons.

  • Searslisacoupons

    No printed internet coupons at all? or just BOGO ones?

  • Patricia

    Was the BOGO Ocean Spray juice coupon an internet coupon?  I can’t remember, but I do know that my Shaw’s manager accepted 2 of them last week when they had the BOGO sale. 4 bottles of Ocean Spray for free.  I am so sick and tired of them changing the rules.
    On a happier note, my Shaw’s had Presidents Brie with herbs with $2 store coupons and I have $2 off mfg. coupons.  2 good size wedges of Brie cheese for only $1.17 and $1.28.  They also had Buitoni ravioli for $5.29 with $2 store coupons.  Add to that my $2 mfg. coupons: 2 packs of ravioli for $1.29 apiece.  Shaw’s also had 8 oz. sliced mushrooms for only $.99 marked down from $1.99.
    If you shop at Shaw’s, be sure to check out the quick sale areas.
    Stop and Shop had the Pillsbury Easter cookies for $1.50 today. After my coupons, they were only $.40 each.  Better deal than Hannaford.
    Stop and Shop this week has Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner 2/$5.  Great time to buy and get your SavingStar dollar back.

    • darlenemichaud

      Yes, the Ocean Spray BOGO was internet, unless you got one from the manufacturer.  They really don’t change their policy much. Last change was last summer.  There will be a new policy soon.  I hope it’s a good change!  I have yet to find those Disney cookies on clearance!  As for reduced at Shaw’s, I’m always shopping those sections!  I love them!