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Darlene’s Concoctions: Wild & Wacky Watermelon Muffins

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I have never used watermelon in any muffin recipe before… but I’m about to give it a shot!  I have no clue how this will come out, so don’t laugh if it’s terrible.

Here’s what I tossed in the mixing bowl…

1/2 a blender of Kix cereal ground into flour
about 2 cups of watermelon cut into pieces then mashed
1 egg (I really should have used 2 but I’m stingy like that)
about 1/2 cup sugar
about 1/4 cup prepared strawberry banana jello (I figure why not!)
about 1/2 cup cooked rice (yes, cooked rice)
about 1 cup baking mix
small tub (single serve) Marzetti cream cheese fruit dip
more sugar, maybe another 1/4 cup (taste test determined I needed more)
a sprinkle of baking powder for extra rising power

And this is what I have so far. I will bake at 375° until I think they are done. I will update when they come out of the oven!

UPDATE:  I know what you’re thinking… a complete disaster.  NOT TRUE!  I’ve made super wet muffins before (these were wicked wet) and they usually turn out to have the texture of bread pudding or rice pudding.  And lucky for us, we like that.  And that indent in each muffin will hold pudding!  I will make vanilla pudding to scoop onto each one just before serving.  Or, I could always do ice cream :O)  I’ll update again when they cool and after the big taste test.

Oh… these took a long time to cook.  I baked them at 375° for 17 minutes then at 350° for 20 more minutes.  I’m going to make the pudding now.

UPDATE: I didn’t have vanilla pudding so I used coconut pudding (I probably have vanilla but stopped looking when I found coconut).  My mother wanted some kind of chocolate frosting so I grabbed a tub of triple chocolate fudge chip frosting (OMG, that’s GOOD!).  I thought coconut and chocolate would make her think of a Mounds bar.  And neither of us care that the base is a failed bread pudding-ish watermelon muffin.  We could probably eat chocolate and coconut on a baked potato and love it. 

My only complaint is that the paper is stuck to the little sucker so it’s a very messy eat, but it tastes great.  In a strange way, it reminds me of an eclair.  Just the same, I have to rate it only a 7 due to having to scrape it off the paper with my teeth then washing the chocolate stain from my shirt :O(  I don’t think I’m ready for Cupcake Wars.

And now that I ate one two of these, I’m skipping supper.

I forgot to mention that I learned something new!  If you put prepared jello in muffins, the pieces do not melt. There are little chunks of jello in the muffin!  Next time I won’t mash the jello as much or maybe I’ll put a big chunk in the center to see what happens. Fun, fun!


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2 comments to Darlene’s Concoctions: Wild & Wacky Watermelon Muffins

  • Patricia

    Wow!!! It kind of looks like a dessert beef Wellington. Instead of scraping it off of the paper, why didn’t you pop it in your mouth paper and all.  That’s what I would have done.

  • Patricia

    Wow!!!  It kind of looks like a dessert beef Wellington.  Instead of scraping it off of the paper, That’s what I would have done.