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Frootee Ice Freezer Pops $2 Rebate

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I wanted to point out a rebate to you.  I am not a fan of rebates, but every now and then I give them a shot.  I did the Frootee Ice Freezer Pops rebate last year and I got my checks… all five of them! I just noticed that the rebate is back, so I figure I will share this rebate with you!

** Walk, Don’t Run **

Before you run to do the deal below, you might want to wait to see if the Frootee Ice Pops go on sale!  Last year I paid only $.99 per bag on sale so after the rebate I ended up with a Money Maker! The rebate is good through the end of the year so there is no hurry! If I spot a sale I will post it. If you must have some now due to a Frootee deficiency, just buy one bag and don’t stock up. I bet we’ll hit a sale.

Here’s the current deal at Shaw’s (or wait for a sale):

Buy (1) bag 24 count Frootee Ice Freezer Pops on sale for $1.99 each
Send in the $2 rebate that is on the package
Cost of postage stamp is 45¢ (must do each one separately)
After rebate and stamp you end up paying 44¢!

What I love about these popsicles is you don’t have to store them in the freezer so they don’t take up lots of room! You can put in just a few at a time and keep the rest in your stockpile!


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5 comments to Frootee Ice Freezer Pops $2 Rebate

  • Cristy

    Yea I am having a hard time figuring out the address as well. Rebate is back & the address has been rubbed off and unreadable. I need the address. I can only read the following:
    Program #Fruitice01
    P.O. Box 42?
    ???o, TX 78842-6013

    • The address is Program# FROOTICE01, PO Box 426013, Del Rio, TX, 78842-6013. Mine was smudged too, but I could read it well enough. Hope it works for you!

  • Woodhoarder80

    I can not figure out the address for this rebate to send in my rebate for 2012.

    • darlenemichaud

      I’m not sure I understand. The address should be on the rebate form on the package. Do you see an address?