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I have an idea that I’m tossing around in my head…

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In the beginning…

I started my coupon blog in August of last year.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it.  My blog allows me to help others save money the way the bloggers that I followed in the beginning (and still follow) helped me… Chrystie over at I Love to Gossip (mega hugs to CC!), Lynn over at Maven of Savin’, Paul over at I Heart the Mart… and so many more!

Sharing the blog love…

I love blogging so much that every day I think of new blogs I’d like to start (crafts, recipes, business, restaurants, etc). Only trouble is, there’s not enough time in the day to go blog crazy.  But, I have an idea!

My brilliant idea…

I’d like to start a community blog that YOU can contribute to!  I would set up the blog and anyone who is interested could post on it.  Don’t know wordpress? It’s easy.  I could teach you with an online tutorial! You would be an author on the blog. You would feel like a total big shot! :O)

Picking a theme…

So far, all I know is the blog would need some sort of theme.  I’m thinking Maine.  Anyone could post anything as long as it has something to do with Maine. If you live it Maine, you’re in! If you have a business in Maine, that’s perfect! If you have a story about Maine, super cool! I would want a wide variety of posts.

Excellent way to try blogging…

If you’ve ever dabbled with the idea of blogging, this would be an excellent way to give it a try! Then if you decide you want your own blog, go for it!  You can still contribute to the community blog as a way to keep new traffic coming to your own blog!

Get on board…

I’m just curious, how many of you would be interested in contributing to a Maine blog?  You could advertise your own blog, your facebook page, your business or just post for fun!  But, I don’t want it to be all advertisement. You do have to be a little bit interesting, you know what I mean? :O) I want a rockin’ Maine blog!  If you think you might like to be a contributing writer, or even just post Maine photos, leave a comment or email me at!


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  • Coupondad75

    I would love to help in my spare time I have a small group with 84 followers in the southern part of Maine Oxford Hills. I have down 3 classes on couponing and have a stockpile of around $20,000. I can use wordpress and would love to help share deals on coupons and more. I love to travel and save money on free things to do around Maine and more. If this of intrest please feel free to email me at

    Matthew Shepard