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My little shopping trip at Shaw’s… all this for 36 CENTS!

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I got super duper lucky tonight at my Sanford Shaw’s.  I headed out to use up the coupons for all the freebies Shaw’s gave us this week… the cheese, pasta sauce and popsicles.  I also had coupons for free creamer. The other coupons I had made items free plus some gave me an overage.

But here’s the thing… I got overages on the cheese and pasta sauce too.  I had a feeling I might, because my Shaw’s generally just enters the max allowed on the coupon, meaning if something is free up to $3.00 and you buy something that is $2.50, you usually get the full $3.00 deducted so you get the overage.

Here’s the other thing… they were all out of American cheese, so they substituted for any cheese. I was given the choice to either pick a different American cheese or I could pick a different Dietz and Watson cheese.  I picked 4 different flavors of Dietz and Watson. When I got handed the packages, I noticed they were way under the $7.99 max because some of them were on sale and because I stressed that I’d rather have them be under a pound than over a pound.

The Ragu was priced at $2.25, and the coupon was for up to $2.99. I figured I might get the overage for those too and starting thinking I better grab something big in case I get a huge overage. I grabbed a bag of adult undies for my mother which were on sale and I also had a coupon for them (there are tear pads for Equaline near the incontinence items).

Off to the register! Sure enough, my cashier entered the max allowed on all my coupons for FREE items!  I almost went blind when I saw something like an $9+ overage. I had him scan the bag of adult underwear and the coupon for those.

I got…
30 yogurts
4 jars pasta sauce
4 boxes pasta
4 boxes popsicles
4 pounds carrots
4 pounds cheese (little less)
4 cans dog food
2 powder creamers
1 bag adult underware

My final total was 36¢

And I got a $4 catalina in return for my next shopping trip! I assume the cat was from the Ragu, as many are reporting they got a $4 cat when they bought 4 jars of Ragu at once.

I’m sorry I’m not breaking this down, but my brain is just too fried. There are no coupons left for the cheese, Ragu or Popsicles. The Mueller’s and yogurt sales are over now. I got the dog food coupon at the coupon center. The coupons for free creamer came by snail mail.  You can still score some free carrots with this Earthbound Farm coupon.


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5 comments to My little shopping trip at Shaw’s… all this for 36 CENTS!

  • Tammie

    Great trip!!!!   I got a $4 cat for the Popsicles, that’s all I had so it must have been
     them.  🙂

  • florymuz

    Great job! You are so lucky, that your store doubled the Earthbound ones and the Mueller’s ones, as I myself experienced cashier-undoubling on both these coupons previously and especially with the pasta- I wouldn’t risk trying it again- just because paying for pasta when you’re a couponer IS a slap in the face 😀 P.S. How did you get the yogurts? Once again- great job, you ROCK :-)))

    • darlenemichaud

      I had the $2/3 coupon for the yogurts. I made $2 by buying them :O)  Whenever I have a cashier who undoubles the pasta coupons (or any coupon), I tell them to take the item out of my order. You don’t have to buy it if they want you to pay for it :O)

  • Patricia

    You did great.  I went out with a friend yesterday, and by the time I got back, all of the cheese coupons were gone; just my luck.  I am such a cheese freak; that’s the one I would have liked the most.
    Good for you. I don’t know yet if my Shaw’s would let me get the overage; I would hope so.
    It seems that my store only carries Earthbound carrots and cauliflower.  Just how many carrots can a person eat?  I can’t even get the bunnies in my yard to eat carrots, but they love my flowers. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve started putting the carrots in my dehydrator for later use.
    Keep up the good work, and keep posting the great deals.  I can’t believe it took me so long to find your blog.  Wish I had found it a long time ago.

    • darlenemichaud

      Dehydrating carrots is awesome!  I want to freeze at least 10 pounds.  I’d freeze much more if I had the room.  It’s too bad Shaw’s didn’t have more prints for those free coupons. Many people could not get them in time.