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My Matzos Experience – Almost FREE at Shaw’s – But YUCK!

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I found what I thought was an excellent deal at Shaw’s in Sanford tonight.  They had cases of 5 boxes of Matzos, regularly priced at $15.99, on clearance for $1.25… for the entire case!

I’ve never had Matzos in my life, but I dished out $2.50 for two cases.  I figured it was a cracker and I love any kind of cracker so I didn’t want to buy one case only to have to go back to get more, so I bought two at once.

This is indeed a cracker.  A huge cracker.  Each cracker is the size of the box, about 8 inches square.  I would love, love, love these (super crisp)… but they look and taste like a burnt toast!  I mean really burnt.  Not just a little burnt, but burnt like I can’t get the taste out of my mouth burnt.  Burnt like if you scrape a burnt toast and eat just the black stuff that you scrapped off kind of burnt.  I’m talking burnt.

Is this normal for Matzos?  I would not even want my mother to feed this to the birds and squirrels!  I even ate mints after and still can’t get the taste out of my mouth and my tongue feels kind of numb…much like I do.


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3 comments to My Matzos Experience – Almost FREE at Shaw’s – But YUCK!

  • Sandypo

    First of all, matzo is kind of an acquired taste, especially if you’re raised on it, as most Jews are since even unobservant Jews tend to go to Seders.  And you didn’t go with the best brand — Yehuda is Israeli matzo — next time (if there is a next time :>) ) try Manischewitz or Streits. Much better. And for goodness sake, don’t get whole wheat. I don’t know who rated Yehuda #1 (as it says on the package in your photo) but I find that very dubious advertising on their part.

    BTW, you should at least put margarine on matzo.  Most people don’t usually eat it plain.

    And yes, they are supposed to look burned. 

  • Patricia

    I always bought Maneschevitz Matzo, and they never tasted burnt.  I used to make a kind of candy with them with chocolate, caramel and crushed nuts.  Thanks for the heads up; if I see them, I will not buy them.  Stick to the brand names that you know.  I also like them with a little jam, cheese, or a nice dip.  Because they are kind tasteless, think saltless saltines, they let the flavor of the cheese, jam, etc. pop out.

  • Jin

    OMG, I couldn’t stop giggling when I red this post!!! I will be passingover (LOL) the Matzos….. it says best tasting on the package, so imagine the regular ones.  hehehehehe