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This is me posting deals on a sunny day

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This is what I look like every sunny day between the hours of noon-ish to 4:00-ish.  Why? Because when the sun shines, there is a glare on my laptop. I never had this problem with my old PC (how I miss that beast!), but even with the blinds closed, I get a glare across my laptop if the sun is even peeking out from behind a cloud and I can’t see the screen.

Instead of adding drapes to my windows or moving my entire office around, I grabbed this silly visor that I was supposed to send to my granddaughter.  It helps.  But it’s also made for a child’s head and after about 10 minutes the wide elastic starts to squeeze my head. After 30 minutes I have a headache all across my forehead, a headache that lasts all day. If you ever see me in the store wearing this stupid visor, please remind me to take it off.

As for those glasses, my Lasik Mono Vision was not a permanent success. After two years of awesome vision both near and far, my near vision started changing. Four Lasik surgeries later and after finally opting for perfect distance and sacrificing near vision, I can now detect a bug in a tree with my naked eyes… but I’m a slave to reading glasses. And since I buy dollar store readers, they ain’t fancy.

As for that fat face… well, that’s just me. Not a mask! LOL

And this is how I look on sunny days when I’m bringing you the deals. Just one more reason to love a rainy day!


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