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This is where I work

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A few days ago I posted a pic of how I look when I’m posting deals on sunny days. The sun gets in between the blinds and it causes a glare across my laptop. Actually, it’s really more of a matter of the sun getting in my eyes. I have resorted to wearing a ridiculous visor to help see the screen. You can see me making that fashion statement here (make sure you’re not drinking something because you might do a spit take).

After posting that pic, someone mentioned that I should take pics of where I work… so here they are!

This is my usual mess.  Any messier than this and I can’t stand it.  And no matter how hard I try, it’s never any cleaner than this.  That’s my new wireless printer way to the left. I use that to print coupons from my iPad. In front of that is my handy dandy visor that I didn’t need to wear today, thanks to clouds.

Next to my new printer is my old PC that crashed for the second time in Feb. It is now used only to print coupons. Then I have my laptop with my keyboard and mouse. I never, never, never intend to get used to a touch pad. Never. Behind that you can see the troublesome windows.

Next to that is my laser printer. That’s the printer that gets me in hot water now and then. The prints are so smooth and clear that I often get asked if my coupons are photocopies. Oh boy…

Next to that is my TV, and it looks like I was watching the news. Then I have my desk, and it’s always more cluttered than I’d like.  That’s currently where I cut my coupons but I’m looking to set up an entire coupon center in the other room where I can be more organized.

And in that chair is where I spend most of my time. It’s on wheels and I push myself back and forth from computer to computer when I’m printing coupons. I really am quite lazy that way.

This all takes place in my dining area. The kitchen is directly behind me, so I can work and cook without skipping a beat! I love my office, even when it’s a bit messy.


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4 comments to This is where I work

  • cheryl noble

    Hi, Do you know anything about Shaws big deal again?

  • Patricia

    Darlene, I hate touch pads, too.  I have a wireless mouse, and I would be lost w/o it.  Do you print in black and white whenever you can.  I do, and that’s the only time that I get questioned about copying coupons. Many coupons have a water mark like the old, fancy writing paper used to have.  This sometimes doesn’t show up when they are printed in black and white. 
    Love your work area.  My house is pretty small, so my office is a guest room.  I do most of my couponing on the living room sofa and then run into the office to print.  Not the best system, but at least it gets my up and moving around from time to time.

    • darlenemichaud

      I can only print in black and white on my laser printer, and that’s the only printer I use with the exception of the very few coupons I print from my iPad. I do not like paying for ink as my laser toner is so cheap.

      • darlenemichaud

        If you mean the new game, all I know is you collect tickets and keep your fingers crossed! :O)