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Watch for $3 OFF Watermelon Coupon at Shaw’s – Almost FREE Watermelon!

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I can’t believe I finally spotted what I thought was a beer rebate at Shaw’s… but it was better! It’s an outright coupon!!!

I found this coupon next to the cut watermelon in the Sanford Shaw’s.  It says save $3 instantly off the purchase of any watermelon (minimum $3.01 watermelon purchase). It makes you think you should also buy beer, but it states “no beer purchase required!”

I picked up 2 cuts of watermelon ($1.52 and $1.56) that came to a total of $3.08.  I paid only 8¢ after the coupon!

If you can’t find this coupon at your Shaw’s, I picked some up to give away!  I will have a little random giveaway in a day or two, so please keep watching!


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2 comments to Watch for $3 OFF Watermelon Coupon at Shaw’s – Almost FREE Watermelon!

  • florymuz

    * sorry, I meant “before seing your post”, not “coupon”

  • florymuz

    This really excites me, however… I was at my Shaw’s today (before seing your coupon, unfortunately), looking in the beer isle for that $3 produce rebate from Angry Orchard (and again- found NOTHING), but I didn’t spot any watermelon instant rebate! Oh, how I wish that I did! I will have to really drill that next giveaway lol P.S. Trader Joe’s in Portland, has their whole watermelons (large ones!) for $3.99 all summer long, and they are already IN STOCK, I just picked one up yesterday. Also- today I saw watermelons at Walmart (large ones) for $4.98. I hope that helps everyone’s saving plan :))