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** CONFIRMED ** I feel like a complete idiot

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I was so proud of myself when I posted the coupon for the Old El Paso Sauce and predicted it might be a freebie down the road.  Then I was even more proud when I did a price check at Shaw’s and boldly CONFIRMED that we had FREE Enchilada Sauce!

‘cept I was wrong!

The price I looked at was for Carlita enchilada sauce, not Old El Paso. Old El Paso is indeed $1.59 in Sanford.  In my defense, they were side by side. And on the day I looked at them, they must have all been pushed together because I know the Old El Paso was directly over the $.99 shelf tag (or maybe not?).

Anyway, we do not have a money maker nor do we have a freebie… YET.  I am quite hopeful that we will hit a sale and I sure hope you all get free enchilada sauce at that time so I will feel better. For now, it’s $.09 in Sanford after the Q doubles. Other stores vary in price from $1.59 to $1.99, so you might pay as much as $.49.

It’s really sad to think that I’m better off to rely on other bloggers for information than to trust my very own eyes!  I’m sorry if I made any of you run around with the hopes of snatching a money making freebie. Can you forgive me?


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