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*** DEAL ALERT *** My Grocery Deals is a Cool Tool!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

My Grocery Deals is a new, neat site that is FREE to join and it’s a deal hunter’s dream! You tell them which stores you shop at and it will point out the deals!

I didn’t have too much time to play with it, but I see all the stores in my area listed. Give it a try!

Sign up for My Grocery Deals for FREE!


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2 comments to *** DEAL ALERT *** My Grocery Deals is a Cool Tool!

  • ryan

    Hmm. I went to the site and I did not see any malware. Seems the site is from USA/Canada so it may have been an ad that was serving the malware or possibly you had malware on your system. In any event I was able to find all my local grocery deals using this tool, it’s great!

  • Patricia101

    I went to this site, and there was malware there.  Beware!  Do not click when it says Clean up your system, just x out of that page asap!!