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Here’s my plan for today – I must clean up my desk!

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I have got to find a home for my coupons. I tend to print in batches then just put them on my desk. That desk is supposed to be for collecting my mail, paying bills, filing paperwork, whatever. It is not supposed to be the landing place for my coupon box or the gathering place for all my coupons. And for sure my paper cutter should not be there because half the time it’s so covered with stuff that it’s too much of a hassle to use it and I resort to scissors. And finding my scissors under that mess can be quite a challenge!

My plan for Friday is to create a new Coupon Center in the other room!  I really have to get organized because when I have my granddaughter for 3 weeks, I will still want to grab some deals, but I don’t want to spend hours figuring out where my coupons are. The paper cutter will go bye bye while she’s here.

This is the current mess on my desk. If you are wondering about that fancy lamp shade, that is my mother’s lovely artwork. She will decorate anything!

Ugh!  I mean really… how can I feel good about this? I don’t!  And my poor little cucumber seeds belong in the ground, not next to a crumpled up tissue.

There are bills mixed up in there! This is supposed to be the bill side of my desk but I’m not doing a very good job. I only have a couple of bills that I can’t pay online and I can tend to forget about them if I can’t see them!

Even my coupon box is looking quite sorry.  I probably have 2 weeks worth of envelopes that have expired (I file by exp date and keep a spreadsheet of what I have in the box). And there is no excuse for me to carry that box around in a plastic store bag. I had a sewing business for 11 years! It would take me maybe 10 minutes to whip up a fabric bag to carry around my coupon box. I could even make it with pockets on the sides for my scissors, calculator, reading glasses… oh, I can’t wait to make it!

Let’s see how much I can accomplish today. I will take pics of the new Coupon Center when it’s complete! I hope I can get that done today… I hope!!!


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1 comment to Here’s my plan for today – I must clean up my desk!

  • Patricia

    You are too funny!  I have a zip-up binder with baseball card sleeves in it that I keep all of my coupons in.  It is divided into categories: refrigerated, frozen, meats, etc.  I weed out all expired coupons every 2 weeks.  If I print coupons for a store sale, I don’t put them in the sleeves.  Instead, I put them in the mesh pocket in the binder.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  I am a retired school teacher, and I would be ripping the hair out of my head if not for organization. 
    By the way, I bought my binder and coupon clipper at Staples 75% off, and I took my sons’ baseball card sleeves when they moved away and made the mistake of leaving them behind.