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I just booked my flights for my granddaughter’s summer vacation!

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I am beyond thrilled!!!  I just booked the flights to go pick up my granddaughter Skylar and take her back to Maine for her summer vacation!  I get her for almost 3 weeks!!!  You can’t imagine how happy this makes me!  I am one excited memere!!!

The very best part is that I will have her here for our 4th of July fireworks, which is held on July 3rd in Sanford.  I had her for them last year and hoped to make it a yearly tradition.  I can’t wait!!!

I fly out to Mississippi to pick her up on July 1 and will head back to Maine with my precious cargo the very next morning.  I plan on working while she’s here (at least a little bit) but I won’t be doing much shopping for the first 3 weeks in July, not unless her shopping skills have improved.

The last time I had her was in November and she was just a little over 3 years old and she wore me out in the stores.  She’ll be 4 in August so maybe she won’t run around so much.  We will experiment and see how it goes.  After all, I do need to teach her all about couponing!

Happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!


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2 comments to I just booked my flights for my granddaughter’s summer vacation!

  • florymuz

    Your little redhead looks just like you :-))  This is thrilling news for you, Enjoy your time with her and don’t you worry about us, fans, even though we’ll miss you 🙂

  • Patricia

    What a beautiful granddaughter you have.  How lucky you are to get to have her for such a long time.  Enjoy your time with her and have a safe trip.