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I’m leaving for Mississippi tomorrow… but I’ll have help with my blog!

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I’m heading out to Mississippi tomorrow and I will officially be taking the weekend off!  I have decided to leave my laptop home and just try to relax for a few days.  I will need to rest up because when I come back, I will be bringing my almost 4 year old granddaughter, Skylar, with me and I will have her for almost 3 weeks!  I think there is a good chance she will wear me out!

While I’m gone, my blog will be in good hands! My friend Chrystie Corns over at I Love to Gossip will post some deals for you if anything fantastic comes along (thank you CC!).  I also have some posts scheduled to pop up over the weekend, so even though I’ll be having a cold beer with my son (I’ve decided I want a beer!!!), you probably won’t notice I’m gone… though I’m secretly hoping you miss me terribly ;o)

I’ll be back Monday night!  See you then!


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1 comment to I’m leaving for Mississippi tomorrow… but I’ll have help with my blog!

  • florymuz

    You bet you’ll be terribly missed! I believe I will voice all of your fans’ opinions by saying: We all have been counting down with you and now it is this time when we wish you a SAFE flight both ways and an increadible weekend to mark the beginning of 3 unforgettable weeks! Much love, stay safe and enjoy your little redhead :-)))