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My most awesome poached eggs that I made with frozen eggs!

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I just tried something I never tried before.  I made poached eggs using my frozen eggs.  I’m gonna tell you something… they are the BEST poached eggs I’ve ever had.  The main reason I love them so much is that since the eggs were frozen, they stayed whole and compact. I did not lose half the white in the water… you know what I mean?

First, you can see how I freeze my eggs HERE.  Do NOT freeze them in the shell. I use little plastic containers that I picked up at Family Dollar. You could also freeze in ice cube trays then pop into a plastic bag to use as needed.

Here’s how I made my poached eggs:

I took a pot and added about 2 inches of water and a couple shakes of salt. I brought the water to a boil then turned it down to number 5 on my dial.

I popped my frozen eggs out of the containers and dropped them directly into the water.  The water splashed out and burned my hand so I suggest you lower the frozen eggs into the water with a spoon… lol!

I set the timer for 5 minutes and walked away. When the timer rang I took my eggs out using a slotted spoon and voila… they were perfect!  The yolk was just a wee bit wet in the middle but not runny. That’s the way I like them. If you want them with a fully cooked yolk you will need to cook them longer.

Here’s the final product!  I shared with Scruffy and he liked them too!

If you are looking for egg coupons, go to my coupon database and search for eggs.  I see some printable and insert Qs!



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1 comment to My most awesome poached eggs that I made with frozen eggs!

  • Patricia

    What a great idea, Darlene.  I love poached eggs, and I  will definitely try this.  Thanks