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You really must check out this Staples deal – Tons of stuff for free?

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I will admit up front that I have never done a deal at Staples. But, I came across this deal over at Passion for Savings, and it looks like a totally awesome deal if you know the ropes at Staples.

This deal involves a printable coupon and Staples Easy Rebates. I have no clue is a Staples rebate gives cash back or credit for more stuff in the store. I would only be interested in cash back. I will look into it more.

From what I see, after the coupon and the rebate, you will get all this stuff for FREE!  It even looks like a little money maker.

I’m going to send you over to Passion for Savings to read what else she said about this deal. And if you have questions, maybe ask her because I will not have the answers for you!

Buy 2, Multipurpose Papers, $6.99 each
Buy 1, HP Photo Paper, $9.49
Buy 1, Super Glue, $2.99

Buy 2, 2 Pack of Scissors, $1
Buy 2, Bic Dry Erase Markers, $0.50 each
Buy 2, Papermate Pencils, $0.25 each
Buy 2, Roseart Crayons, $0.01 each
Buy 2, Staples Glue, $0.01 each
Buy 2, Bic Roundstic Pens, $0.01 each

Total Before Coupons = $30.02
Use $5/$30 Staples Printable Coupon

Submit for $26.46 in Staples Easy Rebates!

Looks like free plus $1.44 money maker to me! If the rebate is cash back, I think I’ll have to head over to Biddeford to do this deal!!!  Is there still a Staples in Biddeford???  See how little I know? LOL


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2 comments to You really must check out this Staples deal – Tons of stuff for free?

  • Patricia

    Darlene, you do all rebate info online.  And Edward is correct, it comes in the form of a check.  So easy. 

    If you use a lot of ink you can bring your empty cartridges to Staples.  They give you $2 back for each cartridge, but this is in the form of a voucher toward future purchases.  I use the voucher towards more ink.  You have about a month or two to use the voucher and you can print it from their website.

    I did Staples deals for years when I was teaching.  Sometimes, the only way I got much needed classroom supplies was through Staples. 

  • Darlene, the rebates come in the form of a check, not store credit.