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5 More Things You Never Need to Know About Me

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16. I’m right-handed.

17. I’m afraid of spiders.

18. I have never been in a wedding party other than my own.

19. I like the taste of aspirin.

20. I have never done a cartwheel.

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2 comments to 5 More Things You Never Need to Know About Me

  • Patricia

    16. I, too, am right-handed.
    17. I am not afraid of spiders unless they are bigger than a Buick.
    18. I have been in other wedding parties, but sometimes the dresses are not very flattering. You really haven’t missed much.
    19. I don’t even like the FEEL of aspirin on my tongue.
    20. I, too, have never done a cartwheel. As a kid I thought I could do them until someone told me that both your feet are supposed to be off the ground at the same time.