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Sanford Shaw’s Update about Progresso and Totino’s

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I am mega sad!  I just got back from Sanford Shaw’s where I spent about 30 minutes with the assistant store manager (forgot his name ’cause I’m terrible with names).  He went way out of his way to help figure out if and when we will get the Progresso Recipe Starters and the Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

Here’s what I know:

The Progresso did not come in last night and they were supposedly not on order.  He ordered 24 cases of 12 per case, so 288 cans, but they won’t come in until Sunday night, so they should be on the shelf by Monday afternoon… if the warehouse has them in stock… ugh.

The Totino’s won’t come in until Tuesday night so you can look for them Wednesday afternoon. He ordered 30 cased of 12 per case so 360 boxes. Again, this all depends on what’s in the warehouse.

Now he’s worried that he’ll be stuck with all this stuff.  And since they will be getting it so late in the week, it’s possible that many of us won’t be able to make it.  I myself don’t usually shop on Wed so it will be last minute shopping for me on Thursday… ugh.

I told them about this on Wed and they were supposed to order extra.  I’m majorly bummed out.  At least I got my free Seafood Snackers.


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1 comment to Sanford Shaw’s Update about Progresso and Totino’s

  • Patricia

    My Shaw’s got a shipment yesterday and I got all of the things I wanted except for the Progresso Recipe Starters. The lady that did the stocking of the shelves said that they didn’t get any recipe starters and she had no idea what they were. She doubted that they would get any.
    They didn’t have a sale on the Seafood Snackers, either. They were all $2.99 each. The fish man said that the stores in Maine get a better deal on the seafood because they have their own boats. Lucky you; too bad for me. I printed out all those coupons for nothing. I’ll trade them for some Yoplait frozen smoothies if anyone is interested.