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eBay Auction for My Mother’s Afghan Throw – Starts at One Penny with Free Shipping

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Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I often post stuff about my mother.  And you may know that once she starts a project, she becomes obsessed.

For almost a year my mother (by the way, her name is Marguerite) colored pictures that I printed. She had to use markers, only markers, and I spent a small fortune on markers. She colored from morning until night almost every day.

Now she is crocheting. And crocheting. And crocheting.

My mother is fast when it comes to crocheting.  She started up again maybe a month ago (she has been crocheting off and on most of her life), and these afghans need to find new homes!  Some are big, some are small, some are for babies, some are for dolls. She just makes them up as she goes with no pattern, no plan. She never really knows what she’s going to make.

I told my mother that I was going to start selling her crocheted creations. Of course, she said NO because she’s embarrassed.  I say YES for three reasons…

1. The pile of afghans are, well, they are piling up!

2. The money I take in will buy her more yarn!

3.  I know deep down inside she will be tickled to know she’s selling something and it will give her purpose to keep crocheting.

I listed an auction on eBay for a small throw she made.  I sold on eBay for 11 years (I designed and made extreme plus size clothing) but I gave it up last year because I kind of burned out. I was also finally getting sick of sewing after sitting at the machine for 11 years. Now I think it’s time to get back to eBay!

I started this auction at ONE PENNY with FREE SHIPPING!  Why? Because I want you to get a deal! I’m not really concerned at all about the money. If it sells for a penny, I’m good with it (I can afford more yarn…LOL!).  I just want to let my mother know that the stuff she crochets will be appreciated by someone other than me :O)

This first afghan is super soft and cozy. It’s a small one so it’s great for on your lap during a cold winter night or it also makes a nice cuddly blanket for a child. You can see the eBay auction here…

My Mother Marguerite’s First eBay Afghan Auction!


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  • SandySea

    I have seen the quality of this ladies work in person…It’s Fabulous! .You’ll Love anything that she produces.