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Save a Bundle on Equaline Cold & Flu Products at Shaw’s with $5/$15 SavingStar Deal

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I want to point something out to you and I want you to pay attention! ;o)

Right now, you can pick up some handy dandy Equaline Cold & Flu products on sale for up to 20% off.  On top of that, you can get an additional 33% off from SavingStar!  It’s definitely worth looking at this sale to see if you need any of this stuff! Aaahchoo!

TIP: Sometimes Equaline has tear pads of coupons next to the items.  Look around!

ANOTHER TIP: You can buy any Equaline products for the SavingStar refund. It does NOT have to be stuff on the sales flyer.  You could pick up stuff like cotton balls, q-tips, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and other goodies for your bathroom stockpile!

ACTIVATE this $5/$15 Equaline SavingsStar Deal
Buy $15 worth of Equaline products of your choice (to save the most, get as close to $15 as you can)
sale prices are good through 11/1, savingstar deal is good through 11/22
Pay $15 (or close to it) at the register
use any coupons you might find to bring that price down
Get a $5 refund from SavingStar

If you bought $15 worth of stuff, you will pay only $10… that’s a 33% savings on top of the sale!  If you happen to find coupons, you will pay even less and save even more!


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1 comment to Save a Bundle on Equaline Cold & Flu Products at Shaw’s with $5/$15 SavingStar Deal

  • Question for you: with the sale next week of B1G1 for Equaline Vitamins, how does it work to qualify for the $15 savingstar coupon. Say for example if the vitamins cost $7.50 each, and I buy 2, do I qualify for the savingstar because the value is $15? or because one was free and I only spent $7.50, would I need to buy one more to get the savingstar to activate?