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I’m about to show you something you’ve probably never seen before.  It’s what chicken breast looks like after I eat it.  I think I could win some sort of world record for cleaning every bone.  I even clean each little chicken rib. It’s just something I’ve always done. I’m usually in front of the TV when I eat and cleaning the bones makes the meal last longer. I sit and pick and watch my show.

This was my lunch today.  Yes, it’s an odd lunch, but I was in the mood for chicken and raw mushrooms.  I also wanted cheese and grapes.  And pickles.  And no, there is no chance that I’m pregnant.

Now, are you ready to see what that plate looked like when I was done???  Please do not run from me after you see this.  I’m not some kind of freaky animal, I promise.

Click here to see the chicken breast after picture


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