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New Dollar Tree Coupon Policy and what I was told in Sanford

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I ran over to Dollar Tree yesterday and since Adam the manager knows I’m a coupon blogger, he made me aware of the new coupon policy that just started as of 12/7.

New Dollar Tree Coupon Policy

There is one significant change you need to know.  We are now allowed to use only internet printed coupons per day, per household.

I have an issue with what I was told about using more than 2 internet printed coupons per household, per day.  First, I have no problem at all about a store limiting internet coupons.  However, I was told that using more than 2 internet coupons per day was coupon fraud and since it was fraud, they would only be reimbursed for the first two. coupons. What????

Oh boy… 

I told Adam that coupon fraud is a serious offense and they should not be telling people that using more than 2 internet printed coupons in one day is fraud.  They could say that it’s against store policy, but not fraud. And how on earth is the manufacturer supposed to determine which coupons were used by the same household members in the same day?  That is just ridiculous!

As it is, I approached the register that day with my granddaughter Skylar in front and she had 2 boxes of Efferdent, 2 $1.00 off coupons, and a dime for the tax. I had my order behind hers with lots of stuff including 2 more Efferdent with coupons. Adam let me complete the transactions because I told him Skylar was just visiting but he said it was fraud since we came in together and they would not get reimbursed for the 2 coupons I used. He said this loud and with customers behind me.  Give me a break!

Again, I have no problem with a limit, but I have a big problem when we get info that makes no sense at all.  I mean really, if my sister and I go in together, are they going to think we are in the same household just because we are together?  Are they going to take our word that we are not from the same household? Will the word fraud be thrown around with customers behind us in line? Geez!

I have a number for headquarters and I will be calling to talk to them about this. And so you know, I was very nice to Adam and tried to get him to understand where I was coming from, but he insisted it was fraud. Oh boy…

On a good note, they will officially accept coupons for more than a dollar now on a single item and they will adjust the coupon down.


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9 comments to New Dollar Tree Coupon Policy and what I was told in Sanford

  • Sally

    Maybe this guy needs to speak to an attorney to learn the legal definition of fraud…and slander, defamation of charachter and other assorted issues. Not to mention he is just being downright RUDE. I hope they understand how rude & incorrect the guy is. You deserve not only a public apology, but a nice gift card too. 🙂

  • Kayellen W.

    Fraud? Really? I hope that you get a public apology. I know that $Tree plays fast and loose with their policies, but that’s insulting. They shouldn’t be in business, or at least, that manager should not be working there. Keep spreading the word. We’re just trying to save money!

  • Wendy L

    I am behind you 100% Darlene. I think all stores should hold ‘coupon classes’ for their employees.

  • Tsveti

    I so hope that this manager stands alone in his poor choice of words! I always believed that it is up to the cashier/team leader you get in order for your coupons to be accepted smoothly or not. I ALWAYS have 1 or 2 among my stack that COULD be easily questioned, without them being used improperly! But this gentleman seems like he needs to be told a thing or two before using strong words like “fraud”, especially when he has seen you and knows that you are a regular and a NICE customer of his store! UNBELIEVABLE! Please, e-mail me with the # for corporate, as I am planning on using it the minute I get hasstled at Dollar Tree. If we ALL say something when it’s THAT wrong, we could make a difference. Thanks and good luck! Please, keep us posted!

  • joanna tracy

    Wow thats just crazy talk.

  • Patty-linn

    We should remind them when they use the word “fraud” to be careful what they are going to accuse me of is slander & I could very well charge them AND their company with civil charges if they insist on continuing to announce such things publicly!

  • That is what happened to myself, mother and boyfriend at the Lincoln Hannaford. We all reside seperately, but we were questioned in regard to this. Also Target is now saying that they DO NOT except any coupons but theirs!! They act as though we are taking from their personal wallets I swear. So when you call headquarters, also mention this please!!

  • Glyn

    It is getting so hard to coupon anymore they look at us like we are low life.
    I use to enjoy couponing. They don’t understand coupons is what i think.

  • Sherrie

    OMGoodness Darlene! This is unbelievable. The fraud explanation is so illogical… I agree with everything YOU said. I hope this gets resolved. I’m an honest couponer who wants to do nothing wrong. I certainly don’t want to be accused of doing anything wrong, and I certainly don’t want a cashier throwing the word fraud out at me. I always go with my husband so I may not go until this gets resolved. Good luck and I look forward to reading more about this.