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How to Use Shaw’s Bonus Coupons for the Sale starting 1/4

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(another deep breath)

I’m trying to find an easy way to help you use Shaw’s bonus coupons that we can use during the already awesome “Gotta Love Great Deal$” sale that starts at Shaw’s on Friday, 1/4. You will have to do some of the work (okay, a lot of the work) on your own because I can’t tell you the prices of every item.  But, this should help you get organized, I hope!

First, be sure you print your coupons…

Print the Shaw’s Bonus coupons (2 prints per coupon per computer, one coupon per transaction)

Print the usual Shaw’s store coupons (unlimited prints, one coupon per transaction

Then pay attention to these steps…

1.  You need to buy at least (5) of THESE ITEMS and or THESE ITEMS to be able to use the bonus coupons:  If you buy (4) boxes of cereal and (1) toilet paper, that’s a total of (5) items. You can use coupons on those items!  I have some scenarios worked out for you. You can search through my previous Shaw’s deals posts here and see below.

2. You need to keep track of what your cost will be after coupons.  You have to spend a minimum of $10 after all coupons are scanned (however, I almost think if you reach $10 then have them scan the bonus coupons, the sale prices might stick).  Remember, SavingStar is a refund after the fact, so don’t deduct that from your total. If you pick up (4) boxes of multi grain cheerios, they end up being $.72 for all (4) boxes before SavingStar. Add $.72 to your total.  You can see how that does not bring us too close to $10… lol

3. You need to find items to go with THESE COUPONS. You can use only (1) of each coupon per transaction. That means you need to find (1) Essential Everyday item, (1) Culinary Circle item, etc. I want you to find items that are as close to the value of the coupon as you can get! You can search the Shaw’s flyer, but you will find lots more items in the store. I see that the Essential Everyday toaster pastries are on sale for $1.49 (I think that is close enough to $1.50 to let it go through), so pick up a box, use the $1.50/1 Essential Everyday coupon, and it will be free!  The Essential Everyday cooking sprat is on sale for $1.99, so $.49 after the coupon. That $.49 would be added to your $10 minimum.

4. If you have trouble getting to the $10 minimum after coupons (like I will), then you can pick up reduced veggies or reduced dairy. Or pick up something you really need. But, always try to shop only for things you have coupons for or things that are at least on sale.

Don’t forget about these deals!

5 lbs Clementines for $2.99 (these are a “Gotta Love Great Deal$” items so they count as one of your five items)

Multi Grain Cheerios (this list confirms they are part of the deal)

Cheap Scott toilet paper (I don’t think the coupons are available now, but still a good deal without them and Scott counts as one of your five items)

I hope this helps a bit.  I have not planned my trip yet. I expect to shop on Friday, so if I find out anything about the minimum, I will let you know. There was a $10 minimum on the turkeys for Thanksgiving, but they told me we’d get the sale price no matter what. So, you never know!

Ask me any questions you have!  You can post a comment below and I will answer here for others to see in case they have the same question.

Good luck, have fun, don’t stress out!


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12 comments to How to Use Shaw’s Bonus Coupons for the Sale starting 1/4

  • Nicole S.

    I can’t find the coupons to print them. Are they gone already? I clicked your link but…nothing. 🙁

    • Trish

      same here….coupons were there last night. I was just going to run to Shaw’s to do some shopping and went to print coupons, and they are gone. I’m so disappointed!!

    • Darlene

      It seems like they have run out of prints or something. I can’t believe they did that! I hope they are reset for the new week.

  • There is a coupon for 60 cents off Fiber One Protein bars…do you know if those are included?

  • Amanda

    I am wondering if this transaction would work: (2) 20 pack pepsi $10.00 (8) Bags Chex mix using $12 using (4) .50/1 and (4) .60/1 chex mix totaling $8.80 after doubling. (8) Yoplait simplait yogurts $4.00 using (4).30/1 and (4) .40/1 totaling $5.80 after doubling (overage towards the rest of my purchase) (4) Betty Crocker fruit snacks $6.64 using (2) .60/2 totaling $2.40 after doubling and EE applesauce $2.00 along with (1) 2L diet pepsi $.88 and (2) GM cookie crisp $3.76 using (2) .50/1 cookie crisp and (2) GM Peanut butte cheerios if they are included $3.76 using (2) .85/1 GM cheerio pb coupon. total coming to $43.04 before tax. Coupons totaling $23.07 making my oop total $19.97 beore tax. Is this something that would work or is there something better that I would be able to do to lower my oop expense? TIA

    • Darlene

      OMG… they are really making us work hard on this one! LOL I think if your math is correct, that’s a good deal for all the stuff you will get! But, you can get more free items (or close to free) if you use all 4 of the bonus coupons. And there are other free or very cheap items too. I just posted my shopping list for Friday so check my posts. And as far as I know, peanut butter cheerios are not included, but still check.

      • Amanda

        I hope they are but just the same to get the regular multi grain ones. They are for my little man he loves cheerios. I would love to take more time into looking at the almost free items but with the time limit I am on I don’t think I will have time to do that. Kids to school for 8. Shaws RIGHT after that to get the deals and then work. between work and shaws I have to put the stuff away. The joys of being a mom and working. Thankfully my husband is a huge help and wills to coupon with me :)Thank you for the heads up on the other free or close to free stuff 🙂 Maybe another day I can look into more. I hope all works out for you and please DEF. keep us posted.

        • Darlene

          I will hopefully post more deals that make more sense. I will look for items to use with those bonus coupons. I expect to be at Shaw’s for at least 2 hours!

  • polly

    Do you need to buy an additional $10 qualifying purchase for each of the great deals or can you get all the deals for the one $10 purchase.