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List of Items to use with Shaw’s Bonus Coupons

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I walked around Shaw’s today to do some price checks on items that can be used with the Shaw’s Bonus Coupons.

EE = Essential Everyday $1.50 off
WH = Wild Harvest $2.00 off
CC = Culinary Circle $2.50 off
EQ = Equaline $2.50 off

To use the bonus coupons, you need to pick up (5) Gotta Love Great Deal$ items. You only need to buy (5) GLGD items total to use all (4) bonus coupons in one transaction (don’t let them tell you that you can’t!).

You can find tons of stuff to go with the EE coupon. I found a few good deal on EQ stuff too.  There are some good deals on WH, but CC stuff is kind of expensive.  You are pretty much on your own for CC items because I got tired of looking! LOL  If you find good stuff, please let me know!  I used mine on CC dip in reduced.

Here are just a few ways you can use these coupons:

NOTE: these prices are after the coupon.

EE jam or preserves $.39
EE snack size zip bags $.29
EE waffles $.49
EE whipped cream $.49
EE veggies (certain ones) $.19
EE frozen garlic bread $.19
EQ panty liners $.49
EQ fluoride rinse $.29
EQ lots of BOGO items, check them out
EQ ibuprofen, bogo, get 2 for $.49
EQ aspirin, bogo, get 2 for $.49
EE dryer sheets $.87
EE laundry soap, 32 load, $1.00
EE foam plates 50ct FREE
EE napkins 250ct $.50
EE gal storage zip bags $.29
EE foil 25ft $.29
WH microwave popcorn $.47
WH popped popcorn $.17
WH pita chips $.17 (next to popped popcorn)
EE toaster pastries FREE
EE apple juice 64oz $.49
EE cereals, various, $.49
EE animal crackers $.49
EE hot cocoa $.49
EE strawberry or chocolate syrup $.39
CC herbal tea bags $.09
CC candy FREE
EE tea bags $.39
EE ground coffee, 90 cups can, $2.44 (good price)
EE brownie mix $.09
EE frosting tub $.19
EE cooking spray $.49
EE canned chicken $.09
EE white rice $.75
EE broth $.19
WH applesauce $.99
EE lasagna noodles $.25
EE pasta sauce $.15
WH lemonade 64oz $.59
WH wheat crackers $.89
WH soymilk shelf stable $.39

Here are some more that my readers found:

EE refrigerated bagels FREE
EE feta $.99
CC candy (try cookie aisle) FREE


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