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My Money Maker Shopping Trip at Shaw’s

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On Sunday, 1/20, I took a little trip to Shaw’s to pick up some free food!  Not only did I get EVERYTHING you see in the photo for FREE, but after I get my SavingStar refunds, I will have made $1.98 profit on this trip!

I can’t take the time to post the breakdown, but I’ll tell you that I did two transactions so I could do SavingStar on both my card and my husband’s card (we both have SavingStar accounts). This also allowed all my coupons to double. And I used the bonus coupons and catalinas on each transaction.

The icing on the cake is that not only did I have lovely catalinas that I got from previous transactions, but a coupon fairy left some awesome cats in the coupon boxes by the door! I got $1.00 off each Gotta Love Great Deals item! After stacking those with manufacturer coupons, I had overages that covered the items that were not outright free with coupons.

I got…

(2) boxes cereal
(6) grapefruit juice
(2) bags laundry detergent pods
(2) bags sweet potato fries
(8) boxes stuffed chicken breasts
(2) boxes candy
(4) boxes fruit snacks
(4) containers salt
(2) boxes pepto tablets
(4) fruit pouches
(2) boxes granola bars
(4) yogurts
(8) kikkoman seasoning packets
(2) bags 2 lb carrots
(3) bags 5 lb grapefruit

This was my best trip in a long time!


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19 comments to My Money Maker Shopping Trip at Shaw’s

  • Joyce


    What a great job! I love couponing.

  • Erin

    Hi there! Can anyone answer this question for me. I got a Catalina from shaws for $1.50 off three boxes of Big g cereal. I tried to use the Catalina as well as a printed manufacturer coupon for each box of cereal. The cashier told me I couldn’t use the Catalina and the printed manufacturers coupons. He said the Catalina isn’t a store coupon it’s a manufacturer??? I never had this problem before and have always used Catalina’s and printed coupons? Can anyone clarify???

    • Darlene

      The cashier is correct. The catalinas for cereal are manufacturer coupons, not store coupons. Whenever you have a catalina coupon, check to see if it says store or manufacturer on it. They are not all store coupons.

  • Jessica

    They gave me a hard time at the Auburn Shaw’s with the chicken coupon, the cashier called someone over because I pointed out that they weren’t doubling, then this other woman didn’t know either so she went to check with someone else. She came back and said that if it didn’t double automatically that they couldn’t double it because the “chicken”company wouldn’t send them(Shaw’s) the double amount, am I missing something????

    • Darlene

      This was a tricky coupon because it did not automatically double even though it did not say do not double. It’s really a matter of hitting it lucky with your store. They should be doubling it since their policy states they double as long as it does not say DND.

  • shirley

    ,,,,Went to Shaws in Augusta today with my daughter, when we used the Milford chicken coupons the cashier let me know that they would not double as it says on the coupon face value only!!! So my trip wasn’t as good as yours but still enjoy couponing. Thank you for putting out the info that you send out to us all.

    • Darlene

      That face value blurb is just letting the store know they will only get reimbursed the face value, as will all coupons. Every coupon that Shaw’s doubles says they will be redeemed at face value. The doubled part comes from Shaw’s. I would have talked to a manager.

  • Rhonda

    They don’t give you a hard time about doing 2 transactions. They always tell me that you can’t do 2 transactions just to use more coupons. You did an awesome job!!!!

    • Darlene

      They never give me a hard time. I do two at most and if it’s busy I do one then get in line again. This trip was so complicated that they opened a register just for me :O)

  • Awesome job Darlene!!! Not sure how anyone these days can afford not to use coupons! You can’t beat free! And yes, Savingstar is great!

  • Melissa Gould

    Awesome… I thought I did good today, when I spent $28.75 for $96.47 worth of groceries. 🙂

  • Patricia N.

    You didn’t have any problems with the Milford chicken coupons? I had so much trouble that it almost wasn’t worth it. I’m glad you didn’t go through what I went through. It appears that some of the cashiers at my store do not understand Shaw’s coupon policy. Aarrrggh!

    • Darlene

      I didn’t have any problem that night. They were aware of the coupon and said they were doubling them. When I picked some up for my sister the next day, the cashier read every bit of the fine print to see if it said DND. It didn’t so he gladly doubled it!

      • Stephanie Lawler

        This happened to me, i didn’t notice till I got home (screaming toddler at the cash) but i went back today and they gave me 12.00 cash refund for the mistake!

  • Tsveti

    Whoot whoot! Way to go!

  • Wendy

    you are amazing!

  • Alice

    WAY TO GO!! When do you want to team up and shop 🙂