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My Shopping Trip at Shaw’s – All for $16.30 (mostly on toilet paper)

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This is what I got at Shaw’s today (1/4).  I can’t possibly break it all down because I’m beat. I think most of you know the deals. If not, ask me and I’ll direct you to the posts that will help you out.

I will give you some details. 

All sale prices had to be changed manually in Sanford, no matter how high your total is. They told me that before I even got to the register.  All bonus coupons had to be entered manually too. They are hoping this gets fixed soon. Be sure you know what your final total is supposed to be.

The Stretch Island Fruit Chews (in Sanford) are in aisle 4 sort of near the “candy” sign on the bottom shelf.  As expected, the coupons only double up to the regular price of $.69.

I got that Earthbound Farm lettuce in reduced and I did not see any more in the store.

These are the items I got for the bonus coupons:
EE cooking spray, $1.99, $.49 after coupon
WH honey, $3.19, $.19 after email coupon and bonus coupon (let me use both)
CC spinach dip in reduced deli, $.49 after $1.00 stickie and bonus coupon
EQ bandages, $2.49, free after bonus coupon

I got this stuff. I shop in Sanford and I get the overages
If you want to know which coupons I used, leave a comment
(2) Scott toiler paper, 12 rolls
(4) boxes Cheerios
(18) Yoplait (Simplait, Lactose Free)
(2) Yoplait Greek
(4) Chex Mix
(4) Stretch Island Fruit Chews
(2) Bread in reduced
(4) Apples in reduced
(1) 5lb bag of Potatoes in reduced
(1) Earthbound Farm Romaine, 3 pk, in reduced
(1) Essential Everyday cooking spray
(1) Wild Harvest Honey
(1) box Equaline bandages
(1) Culinary Circle spinach dip in reduced

I skipped the clementines and will buy those on the next trip.

I paid $18.45 including tax
I will get a $2.15 total refund from SavingStar
My final out of pocket is $16.30
$12.35 of my trip was for the toilet paper including tax
That means I only paid $3.95 for everything else!

Oh, I also got 3 catalina to use next time with NO minimum purchase!
$1.50 off any granola bar
$1.50 off any laundry detergent
$1.00 off any Great Deal item (that one is for 1/18-1/24)

Boo hoo!  I forgot to use my $5.00 off Shaw’s Recyclebank coupon! I have never used one because it says minimum $50 after coupons, but so many of you say they scan it first.  I wanted so much to try it!  I honestly think they will reimburse me for it if I bring in the coupon and my receipt. Man, that would be like getting one of the packs of toilet paper for around a buck!


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23 comments to My Shopping Trip at Shaw’s – All for $16.30 (mostly on toilet paper)

  • Amber Zuchara

    Hi folks. I had a similar experience (very difficult) Shaw’s in Sanford using the 4 bonus coupons with the cashier trying to tell me that I had to buy 20 gotta get a great deals items to use all of the coupons. I challenged them and they told me they will let it slide, and made me feel like I was taking advantage of them-but they let me use them. Oh I also heard the comment “people need to read their coupons more clolsely” and “people that got away with it probably went through the lines of high schoolers.” So insulting.