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** CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE ** Let’s start Christmas Shopping together… NOW!

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I’m always looking for ways to help us save money in a fun way.  One thing I used to do when my son was young was to buy Christmas gifts every month throughout the year so I would not be overwhelmed with shopping expenses in December.  I would buy 3 gifts per month, 2 gifts for my son and 1 gift for someone else.  When December came around, all my shopping was done except for whatever “big gifts” I had to pick up.  No stress! No breaking the bank!  It was awesome!

Here’s what I want you to do.  If you normally shop for lots of Christmas gifts, sit down and create a list of people you shop for.  Then decide about how many gifts you need to buy each month to help you toward that goal!

The fun part about this year-long shopping spree is that we get to look for sales that we might not get during Christmas time!  In fact, we should only pick up stuff that is on sale, or that we have coupons for, ’cause that’s what we do, right?

If you have leftover wrapping paper, wrap the gifts as you go but be sure you mark them because you will never remember who they are for or what’s inside! (been there, done that).  Also, keep track of where you stash the gifts so you don’t find them years later! (been there, done that).

There is nothing wrong with giving various holiday clearance items as Christmas gifts.  It’s fun (and funny) to get an Easter basket or a Halloween costume under the tree!  Also look for clearance wrapping paper and use whatever you have, no matter what the print is.  You can even use newspaper to wrap.

I think we will have fun with this and I’ve very curious as to how you feel in November when you have almost all your gifts purchased and wrapped.  You won’t even feel the pinch!

Each week I will post a Christmas Challenge Update to remind you to do your shopping and to give you a chance to leave a comment letting us know what treasures you found the previous week. I’m going to make you stick with this!

Optional Donation Christmas Challenge… if you want to also take part in the Donation Christmas Challenge, all you need to do is pick up one dollar store item per week to donate to kids in need when we get close to Christmas! And/or you can build a stockpile of non-perishables for a food donation.

Please leave a comment on this post letting us know if you want to be part of the Christmas Challenge! I’m keeping track of how many of us are doing it 🙂


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39 comments to ** CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE ** Let’s start Christmas Shopping together… NOW!

  • Angie

    Still Christmas shopping whenever I can. Even started for Sunday school!

  • Wendy B.

    Hi, I’m doing it, I promise! (just haven’t posted yet) Will do an all together post soon 🙂

  • susan sajecki

    I am new to your blog and want to start doing this with the group sounds like a fun way to get shopping done and pennywise ty for everything you do

  • Great idea, I’m in!!

  • Lori

    Hi Darlene – I can sort of join the Christmas Challenge – the problem for me doing this every week is that I have pretty much finished my xmas shopping for this year and next year!!!! lol But when I see additional good deals like the Candyland one 😉 I will add to my stockpile of donations, presents for family, or for my birthday party stockpile. So add me to your list – I am online shopping all the time. It’s my favorite hobby! lol

  • amie

    this week i got 3 movies from for my nephew they cost $11 total with free shipping and have $10 coming back from Best Buys rewards. to donate I picked up 2 Mr Potato Head for $3 each used a $5 gift card I earned. payed $1.50 out of pocket.
    ( thank you for the great deal ideas)

    • amie

      is ok that i said the rewards program? or apps that i have used to get a good deal as long as i dont put a link to it? i do not want to do anything wrong

  • Used some of my Target coupons Plus manufacturers coupons yesterday at the Bangor Target. I now have two more items for Christmas.

  • I’m in! My husband and I buy for 22 people, big family and it gets expensive.

  • Wendy B.

    I’m in for sure

  • Janell

    Here’s one for you, I went shopping at Kohl’s yesterday and bought a pair of silver hoop earrings for my daughter-in-law org. $80 marked down to $8 priced at register $6, two “Sharper Image” Maze globe (like Perplexus) for my brother and son org. $24.99 marked as $7.49 price at register $5.61 each, and a 9″ digital frame for my son and daughter-in-law org. $159.99 marked as $15.99 priced at register $11.99. Them I had a 15% off coupon so the org. total would have been $289.87 I paid $24.82 over a 90% savings. Woo Hoo!