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I woke up this morning with such a fun idea!

I have only ever done one coupon class for two friends of mine, and I loved it! It was so fun and I think it was quite informative for those who attended.

I have been meaning to schedule more classes, but I was sick for a little bit (like 6 weeks!) and I’m finally up to par and ready to get back out there and teach more classes!

I have been tossing and turning wondering what I should charge for a class. I know most coupon instructors charge $15 to $20 per person.  As much as I do need some sort of compensation for my time, I feel funny taking cold hard cash from people I am supposed to be helping to save money!

Here’s my idea… if you want me to come to your home and teach a coupon class, each guest will have to bring 2 skeins of yarn for my mother.  My mother is almost 90 and crochets from morning until night.  All the yarn she gets will be turned into afghans, sweaters, and toys that will be donated to the children’s hospital, homeless shelter, and pet shelters! I can’t think of a more exciting way to get paid for my time! Yes, I will work for yarn!

I almost forgot!!!  Shaw’s in Sanford will let me use their conference room for coupon classes.  If you rather have the class tat Shaw’s, that’s what we can do! That might even be a better option because we can do some hands on couponing!

If you are interested in booking a class, email me at and let’s pick a date!  At this point, I’m only interested in traveling about 15 miles from Sanford. If you want me to travel a greater distance, I might need more yarn… lol


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2 comments to I will work for yarn!

  • alicia cadwell

    I’m with Sarah on this one, willing to travel & extend my red string to meet the wonderful Darlene! 🙂

  • Sarah Stowe

    Omg I love this idea! I wish I lived closer but if you plan a class I might take the trip down 🙂