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My Shopping Trip at Shaw’s

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I thought I’d let you know what I got tonight at Shaw’s. I spent almost $24 which is a lot for me!  I was almost depressed until I looked at everything I got.  I was too tired to set up for a photo, so I’ll just tell you.

12 big cans RedPack tomatoes

2 cans Lucky Leaf pumpkin pie filling

4 pounds Carolina rice

6 pork chops

8 bananas

7 tomatoes

2 pounds carrots

1 bag almonds

1 bag hazelnuts

5 sweet potatoes

1 loaf French bread

1 bag Shaw’s cookies

I shopped for my produce in reduced and had coupons for lots of the stuff.

Total after I get my SavingStar refund for the pie filling is $23.47 and it looks like mostly healthy stuff!

I think that was a good score considering the total before savings was $56.71. And that total would have been way more had I paid full price for the reduced bread and reduced produce.


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