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Sanford Shaw’s has the Freezers in Stock!

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See the 3/1-3/7 Shaw’s Flyer preview here

I am happy to report that Sanford Shaw’s has the freezers in stock… and plenty of them!  Last year I think they got something like 8 freezers and they were sold out the morning after they got them in the store.  This year I counted 31 freezers!  In Sanford, they are at the front of the store near the self scan checkout.

They are Continental Electric freezers, 5.3 cubic feet, and claim to hold 175 of food.  Sanford has two out of the box so you can look inside. There is a deep side, then a not as deep side, and a wire shelf/tray sort of thing on the not so deep side.  How’s that for a description!

The freezer is $169.99 and you get $170 worth of coupons when you buy the freezer. Most of the coupons are for FREE items!

Here’s the list of coupons for the Shaw’s freezer deal!

I have not confirmed that this is the exact list you get in Sanford, but it should be the same at all Shaw’s
FREE digiorno rising crust pizza 13-32.8oz
FREE kelloggs eggo waffles 6-10 count
FREE jamba juice smothie8 oz
FREE el monterey snacks 4-60 oz
FREE betty crocker parlor perfect 7.2-9 oz
FREE green giant frozen box veggies 7-10 oz
FREE drive thru single serve 4.6-5.7 oz
FREE essential everyday pasta 16-25 oz
FREE better oats 5 ct
FREE malt-o-meal cereal 15.5-22 oz
FREE edys outshine fruit bars 6-12 ct
FREE quaker soft baked cookies 8.8 oz
FREE kraft homestyle deluxe single serve 3.6 oz
FREE hawaiian punch juice drink 32 oz
FREE johnsonville chicken sausage 12 oz
FREE culinary circle flatbread ultra thin crust pizza 12-36 oz
FREE cape cod chips 8-9 oz
FREE simply potatoes side dish 24 oz pkg
FREE little debbie bag donuts 10-10.5 oz
FREE java delight coffee uncup 12 ct
FREE supper chill lemonade 1 ltr btl
FREE jello gelatins, pudding, or temptations 4 pk
FREE flavorice freezer bars 24 ct
FREE super chill 2 ltr
FREE spikes salsa 16 oz
FREE ragu traditional or quick pizza sauce 14 oz
FREE ocean spray cranberry sauce jelly or whole 14 oz
FREE early california fresh cured olives 6oz green pitted
FREE mccormick mexican seasoning mix .87-1.12 oz
FREE guldens mustard 12 oz
FREE betty crocker cupcake icing 8.4 oz
FREE ziplock perfect portions frezzer bags 75 ct
FREE kraft salad dressing 8 oz
FREE equaline allergy ultratabs 48ct
FREE minute maid light lemonade 59 oz
FREE culinary circle italian favorites pizza 12.6-16.2 oz
FREE sylavania cf 13el super 830rp light bulb 1 ct pkg
And you also get these…
$5 OFF woolite laundry detergent 100 oz
$5 OFF 1 finish quantum automatic dishwashing detergent or 2 in 1 gel packs 60 ct
$1 OFF palmolive lq dish detergent 25 oz or larger
$5 OFF moneygram trans. up to $50 tran (I’m not sure what this means… lol)
And last but not least…
$20 OFF any shaws private label items (essential everyday, culinary circle, home life, equaline, wild harvest, baby basics) looks like there is no minimum purchase so it’s $20 of free stuff!
Thank you for the list, April!

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