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Sanford Shaw’s wants you to FILL YOUR FREEZER with Mama Lucia Meatballs!

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I just got back from picking up the Shaw’s flyer (will have it posted soon), and I want to report that Shaw’s in Sanford is overloaded with Mama Lucia meatballs!  They are inviting you to come on in and fill your freezer!  They want you!  They really, really want you!

I picked up 10 boxes and I’m telling you, $1.00 is an awesome price for what we get… 15 dinner size meatballs!  It works out to $1.33 per pound, or just $.07 per meatball, and they are fully-cooked!

These meatballs are about as convenient as you can get.  Obviously, they are great for pasta dishes, but you can also cut up and add to soup, mash and make a meat layer in lasagna, use for meatball subs, serve as a snack on a toothpick, toss in the crockpot with sauce, play catch with the kids… whatever!

In Sanford, these are in with frozen meat, but there is also a huge freezer full in front of the seafood section.  They have Homestyle and Italian.  Stock up!

I hear other Shaw’s are overloaded too!  How nice that we don’t have to worry about stock!

Here’s the deal at Shaw’s through 2/7:

Buy (1) box Mama Lucia Meatballs, 12 oz, on sale for $1.00 (reg $5.79!)
no coupon needed
Final price is $1.00!

TIP: Take them out of the box to make more room in the freezer. Sit on them to flatten if necessary ;o)


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