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Shaw’s has eCoupons to load to your card

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Oh boy!  I’m half thrilled about this and half not.  The not half is because this is yet another thing that we have to remember to check before we head out to shop!

I don’t know if this is old news or not, but I’m just hearing about it for the first time today. And I’m hearing it from many readers! Shaw’s now has some eCoupons that you can load to your Shaw’s card!

Go here, and scroll down and you’ll see some.  Reports are that this eCoupon deducts in addition to your printable coupons.  I’m not sure they intended it that way, but hey, if it works, it works!

I tried to load them onto my card but I kept getting an error. I will play with it more later. Everyone else seems to be able to load them and a few have used them today, along with printables, and scored!

Shaw’s eCoupons


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6 comments to Shaw’s has eCoupons to load to your card

  • Patricia N.

    I will be willing to bet they won’t work on reduced because of the scan code. Still a good deal, though, if they work with printable coupons.

  • Stacey G

    so…on that eCoupons there’s BOGO free beech nut yogurt…and there’s a coupon BOGO that’s been going around.. you should be able to use both becuase one’s for shaws and one’s a MQ.. so they’ll be free?

    • Stacey G

      hm.. nevermind. i think it’s the same coupon? the eCoupon will not print saying i’ve already printed the max. times. so it has to be the same. darn.

      • Darlene

        I have not played with it yet, but you don’t print the eCoupons. Those get loaded to your card. I need to try it today and see what I can learn about it.

  • Lacey

    I had one that was giving me an error but all the rest i wanted seemed to work. good luck!