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I want you fine folks to print out this info for the upcoming Shaw’s sale

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

Shaw’s will be having special Gotta Love Great Deals sales over the next few weeks, starting on the 8th.  These sales can be so confusing that they can knock even the most seasoned couponers to their knees. I worry a great deal about newbies running into trouble at the register and getting discouraged. Therefore, I will be holding your hand during these sales and will try to get you though them with as little pain as possible!

Here’s the first thing you need to know…

There will be lots of Gotta Love Great Deal items on sale starting Friday, and they will probably be on sale all month (we’ll know more on Thurs).  In addition to those GLGD items, there will be special 4 Day Sale items, like you see in the flyer above.

4 Day Sale items require a $10 additional minimum purchase to get the special sale price. That means if you want to pick up the cookies for $.99, you would need to spend an additional $10 to get the cookies for that price. (yes, I know, it sucks)

The good news is that you only need ONE $10 additional purchase to take advantage of all the 4 Day Sale items.  That means if you spend $10 during your shopping trip, you could also buy all the items mentioned in the ad and get them at the sale price. You don’t need to spend $10 to get the cookies, $10 to get the Ragu, etc.

I personally had an issue at my Shaw’s last time we had this sale and was told buy 2 different cashiers that we needed to spend $10 per item to get the sale price. That’s just not true!  So, I asked Dan on Shaw’s facebook page and I want you to print out his answer.  You can click on the image to see the entire thread. I would print the entire thread and keep take it with you when you shop next week.

Later I will get info on the Bonus Coupons. If you think the 4 Day Sales sound confusing, you are going to hate the bonus coupons! LOL  But, you need to stick with it because we will be getting lots of freebies this month.  I will help you and it will make more sense once you give it a try. I promise!



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