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Comparing the Coupon Clippers – Klip2Save, WeClipUSave, Coupon Dede

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I have been promoting the use of clipping services for quite a while now.  As soon as I started using clipping services, I stopped buying the Sunday paper.  Ordering from a clipper is way cheaper! You get only the coupons you need, they are clipped for you, and you can usually get the high value doubling coupons that are regional… and never in YOUR region!

Here is what you need to know about my favorite clipping services:

Klip2Save:  K2S has no minimum purchase. They charge a flat rate of $1.00 for postage per order, no matter how big or small.  Their stock is good and they get the much wanted regional coupons… and they get them earlier than the others! They do have limits on some coupons, usually 12 or 24 per day for the very popular coupons. Their price is per coupon, so if you order 1, you get just 1 coupon.

WeClipUSave:  WCUS has no minimum purchase. If your order is $7.49 or less, the shipping is $.99.  If your order is $7.50 or more, shipping is free!  They do have limits on some popular coupons, but their limits tend to be higher, sometimes as high as 40 per day. Their price is per coupon, so if you order 1, you get just 1 coupon.

Coupon Dede:  With Dede, you must spend a minimum of $3.00. The most you can order of any one coupon is 30 per 7 days, and many have limits of 5 or 10 per 7 days. Her prices are per coupon, and she discourages ordering just 1 of each coupon. If you don’t play by her rules, she will ban you! For shipping, she charges the price of the postage plus $.50.  The good thing is that you earn points with Dede that you can turn into $$$ toward your next order! 400 points = $1.00 and the points add up quick! If you’ve ordered from Dede before, you probably have rewards waiting for you and don’t even know it! Go to My Rewards to see!

I hope this helps you decide which clipper to use!  There are plenty of other services out there, and you can also find clippers on eBay, but always be careful!  If you are not sure about the services, test them with a very small order.


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3 comments to Comparing the Coupon Clippers – Klip2Save, WeClipUSave, Coupon Dede

  • Alyssa

    I used that one. It was super helpful! I only suggested it if its not a lot of work!

  • Alyssa

    This is so helpful Darlene – thank you! I actually started trying to figure out all of this information this morning but gave up, so you saved me. Where the heck do these people get all their inserts?

    I was wondering if there’s an easy way you can set up your blog so that there’s one link to go to where I can see all of your recommendations for coupons that we should order through one of these sites. For instance, I read through your blog and will see a bunch of items that suggest ordering through them, but by the time I’m done reading everything, I’ve inevitably forgotten some. Would it be easy to have one link that lists all of them. Kind of like your Shaw’s shopping list! Just curious…

    • Darlene

      I like the idea of a page for good coupons to order. I actually did a post for MCH for when she had 20% off, and I will continue to do a post like that each time she has a sale. The only trouble with putting all the links in one place is that it takes lots of updating because they get sold out so quick. I will see what I can come up with! I love suggetions like this!