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I made over $2.00 buying all this stuff at Shaw’s, Walmart & CVS!

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I have been meaning to post pics of goodies that I picked up over the past 5 days but never got around to it. So, now I’m cramming them all in one photo! And I’m sad that you can’t see the 4 bags of Brookside Chocolate in there because I was so excited about those!  They are hiding behind the pantiliners.

I can’t take the time right now to look up every coupon that I used. Most of you know the deals. If you want specifics, leave a comment below and I’ll link you to the deal. Or you can search for a deal in the search box at the top right of my header!

These were not all done in one day, so separate transactions. I finally got some croutons! I still have a rain check from when they were out… and I kept that for later 🙂


8 boxes Nissin Short Cuts, $.49 each with coupons, total $3.92

2 boxes Fiber One cereal, $1.00 each with coupons, total $2.00

4 bags Texas Toast croutons, $.20 each with coupons, total $.80

4 boxes Quaker cookies, $.50 each with coupons, total $2.00

4 bags 1 lb carrots, FREE with coupons

2 bags 1 lb Carolina rice, $.29 each with coupons, total $.58

30 Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels, FREE with coupons plus $.30 overage

8 Carolina rice mixes, $.14 each with coupons, total $1.12

8 Kozy Shack puddings, FREE with coupons

2 cans Shaw’s solid white tuna, $.45 with coupons, total $.90

4 cans Muir Glen tomato paste, FREE plus $1.24 overage (Qs doubled fully!)

Sun Bird seasoning packets, FREE with coupons plus $2.44 overage (Qs doubled fully!)

Total: $7.34
I will get $.75 refund in my savingstar account for Fiber One
My husband, will get a $.75 refund in my, I mean his, SavingStar account for Fiber One 🙂
Final price is $5.84


11 packs U by Kotex pantiliners, FREE plus $8.36 overage! (I had 12 coupons but lost one… argh!)

4 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations packets, FREE plus $.64 overage!

Total: $9.00 money maker!


4 bags Brookside chocolates (at CVS), FREE with coupons

Total: FREE

If I apply the overage I got at Walmart to cover the Shaw’s trip, and after tax of $.88 for the liners and the candy, I ended up making $2.28 buying all this stuff!

Grand total:  $2.28 Money Maker!!!


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