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** IT’S BACK ** $.75/1 Earthbound Farm Printable Coupon – FREE or CHEAP Carrots

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Our Earthbound Farm coupon is back! They don’t give us this $.75/1 coupon every week now, so I’m always thrilled to see it when it hits my email!

This coupon prints for ANY Earthbound Farm product. You do not have to use it for the image on the coupon!

$.75/1 Any Earthbound Farm Product (you will need to register or log in) – This prints out for ANY Earthbound Farm product… ignore the pic on the coupon!

*** PRINTING TIP *** If you register with different email addresses, you can get extra prints on the same computer!

Shaw’s carries Earthbound Farm carrots in the 1 lb size at $1.19 so FREE with the coupon if your cashier allows the coupon to double (says DND but starts with 5). This particular coupon will usually only double up to the regular price with no overage… at least Sanford.

You can also pick up Earthbound Farm carrots at Walmart. They are priced at $1.14 in Sanford, so only $.39 for a pound bag!

Whole Foods carries a larger variety of Earthbound Farm products, so if you hit Whole Foods, check there!


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11 comments to ** IT’S BACK ** $.75/1 Earthbound Farm Printable Coupon – FREE or CHEAP Carrots

  • Any update on this yet? I still haven’t tried to use mine.

    • Darlene

      I have not received any update from them since they thanked us for the comments. Next time we get a $.75/1 I’m going to try it and will report.

  • Cindy Tracy

    I tried to use the coupon and buy carrots today. I was told it was a fraudulent coupon and could not use it. I too have emailed Earthbound Farm to see what they have to say about it.

  • Sherrie

    My first coupon also came up as possible fraudulent so they didn’t accept it. I sent an email to EF yesterday. I got a reply this morning (automated response)saying they will respond by mail, phone or email. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Darlene

      I don’t know why that is happening latetly! It happened to me too, but the cashier put it through.

  • Jennifer

    SHould I be worried about multiple coupons? I have like 4 e-mail addresses in my house I use for coupons. I don’t want to get into trouble or something.

    • Darlene

      I usually print 8 coupons in all so I can pick up carrots for me and for my sister. I do 4 during one shopping trip then 4 in another. I’ve never gotten into trouble… lol! 🙂

      • OK PHEW. I was feeling a little guilty about it for a few days. Now I am worried to use them with the fraud alerts. I may just hold them until something is figured out.

  • John S

    Has always printed twice with notice coming up as it prints the second time. For the first time the other day these were questioned at the register (Shaws) – she said it came up as posible counterfeit. They then went and looked through some list on a clipboard. Eventually did come back and allow it – but only doubled up to price.

    Wish stores would carry other items of this brand, I am running out of things to do with and people to give carrots to.

    can i print two from same email address??
    i did print two last time from my email and the third one said print limit reached. but when i udes at shaws one went through good and the second one said somthing weird?
    If i want to print two should i use two email address??

    • Darlene

      Yes, it allows 2 prints per email address, but I also got that weird thing happen at the register with the 2nd one. Not sure what’s going on with that! YOu should not have to use 2 different emails, but if you think there will be an issue at the register, then maybe you want to do that.