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Look at what you did to my blog…

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

… you got me to over 1 million views!

I have been watching my views closely to see when the big day would happen, and it happened today!  I know 1,000,349 views is minor in the world of blogging (it really is), but it’s a very big deal to me because I started from nowhere, not knowing a thing about blogging!  And it’s all because of YOU!  Yes, you… and my other wonderful readers like you!

Here’s how you all got me to over the million views mark:

My homepage gets the most views, which is expected. It received 386,365 views so far. The reason it’s not more than that is because many readers visit my site using the links to individual posts and never quite make it to my homepage.

This old M&M’s post, from September 23, 2011, has the next most views of all time at 35,785.  I still get views on that post every day! I guess lots of people are searching for M&M’s… lol! Since so many people view that one post, I went in and changed it as a way to welcome viewers to my blog.

My coupon database has the next highest views at 13,871, but that is growing quickly now that I’ve been letting everyone know it exists (you can see what else is hiding in my header here)!

The Coupons.com widget that I have on my site, another feature you are probably not aware of, is quickly gaining popularity now that I’ve been directing you to use it!  That has been on my site from the get go, yet remained a hidden gem for months. It now has 13,871 views… and growing fast!

My giveaways get the next most views. The top views for individual giveaways are the Easter Giveaway coming in at 5,786 views, and the Valentine’s Giveaway coming in at 4,446.

The Shaw’s flyer preview, which used to bring in only 200 to 300 views per issue before I started using my own scan, jumped big time when I started posting my own scan and included a giveaway! Now each weekly issue makes it to over the 2,000 views mark.  The most viewed issue was the 3/29 to 4/4 issue with 2,465 views.

The Lightning Round is quickly proving to be the most popular feature on my blog! I only started the Lightning Round giveaways a few days ago and it is already ranked as my 9th highest viewed page of all time with 2,724 views! I have a feeling the Lightning Round page is going to give that M&M’s post a run for its money… lol

My very first post! I was curious to see what my very first post was, and I can’t believe I left it as published!  Too funny!  I bet I didn’t know how to delete it!  You can tell I really had no clue what I was doing. It all started on August 20, 2011.  I can’t even see how many views it got, so it must be off the charts as being too low! lol

Posts vs Comments: I used to get very few comments on my blog, but all that has changed thanks to the giveaways!  I now have almost twice as many comments as I do posts!


Thank YOU again for making my blog a success!  I can’t do it without all of you!  I hope I can continue to run this blog for many more years. And I hope you stick with me the entire time!

A special thanks to Chrystie over at I Love to Gossip who has helped me in more ways than she’ll ever know! XOXO




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8 comments to Look at what you did to my blog…

  • Elaine

    Congrats Darlene! The Thanks goes to you for putting so much time a nd effort in this! You’ve helped so many of us save alot of money and we all Thank You and appreciate what you do for us. And Yes Wendy is right, You Rock! =)

  • Sharon

    I have followed your blog since shortly after I began couponing in Jan 2012
    I will continue to follow your blog. Love your honesty with all of us and of course your terrific humor.
    You have made couponing so much fun.
    I have in the come and gone from other blogs, but yours is such a pleasure to go to. Over the year, you have made me feel like family. A huge thank you for all you have done and will do. Your personality will continue to make you a huge success.

  • Sarrah

    Darlene, the real thanks is to you. You dedicate so much time to finding deals, helping us understand, and making it enjoyable for us. You have gained so many fans because of your funky personality and allowing us to see what your life is like, rather than just posting links for coupons! As stated above, not only do we enjoy finding the deals you post, but we are entertained by you. Keep it going girl, you rock!
    I’d say you have coupon celeb status, if I saw you in a store I’d stop to meet ya. 🙂

  • Wendy B.

    Told ya, YOU ROCK !!! just saying again lol <3 Congrats

  • Patty Garvin

    Not surprised! You are terrific and you make it all sooo much fun! Thank you for everything!

  • Sherrie

    As long as I’m couponing, I will stick with you! 🙂 Not only am I saving a whole lot of money, but you just plain crack me up! I like getting my daily chuckle from you. Thank you for all you do to help me save money. I have more money to do other things and who doesn’t like that?! I started couponing Nov. 2011 so I guess I didn’t miss much from when YOU started. I have seen how your posts and blogs have changed over time. You just keep making things better and easier for us. I guess you really do love us…LOL! You’ve got many, many followers. Keep up the GREAT work! We all do appreciate YOU!

  • Alyssa

    EXCELLENT!!! You do a great job and I really appreciate it!

  • Stacey B

    Congrats Darlene!! I knew you would be a hit from the moment I stumbled upon you site fb page last year… Best of luck with your future blogging, your passion glows and I thank you for all you do.