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I can’t wait for June 25th… and here’s why!

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Guess what I did!  I booked my flights to pick up my granddaughter, Skylar, for her annual summer vacation in Maine!  I fly out to Memphis to pick her up on June 25, then we fly back to Maine the very next day. I will have her all to myself for 3 WEEKS!  Then I do the whole trip again to bring her back to Memphis.

That is Skylar above (she’ll be 5 in August), wearing the princess dress I made her when she was here with her daddy (my son, Derrick) in March.  We had a nice, long chat last night and she told me the next princess dress will be purple. I guess I’ll be doing more sewing!

When I started couponing 2 years ago in May, the very first thing I spent my savings on was bringing Skylar to Maine.  In a little less than 2 months, I had saved enough for the 3 round trip tickets that this adventure requires.  This will be the 5th time I bring her to Maine, plus I was also able to fly her and my son here in March for my mother’s 90th birthday… all with money I saved by using coupons!

And guess what else?  It worked out that I will not be traveling on Mondays, so I will still be able to post all the Shaw’s flyers! I won’t miss a beat!


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9 comments to I can’t wait for June 25th… and here’s why!

  • She is so adorable. Hope these are the 3 best weeks of your life. I can hardly wait to be a Grandmother, too. Have fun and give Skylar a hug for me.

  • Jan

    She is a cutie Darlene. Our granddaughter will also be 5 this August. We want to start doing the same thing so we can spend time with her. Majick ( her name sounds like magic) , and her mama moved out to the west in Oct. so we miss her very much. Thank God for skype. Enjoy every minute with her. If you miss a week or any time do not worry we will still here when you return. Jan M. from Litchfield Maine.

  • Sooo sweet, Im glad you get that precious time with your grand daughter

  • Cate

    Three weeks with her, that’s great Darlene! And what a lucky girl to have such a talented meme!

  • Kayellen

    Skylar’s so darlin’.

  • Jennifer Barnhart

    You rock!!!!

  • Pat

    Awesome! Nothing better than a little “Grammy & Me” time for both of you. 😉

  • joanna

    nice! that’s a lot of money saved

  • Jo

    That is wonderful!!~!