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List of BOGO prices for Shaw’s sale starting 5/31

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I did some price checks so we can have an idea of what deals we can get on the BOGO sales coming up at Shaw’s.  This is not all the BOGO items, just the ones I was able to check.

Remember, sometimes prices go up during a bogo sale. Though, I have noticed this is not happening nearly as much! In fact, I have not seen it happen at all lately.

Also remember that prices can vary by store.  These prices are from Sanford, ME.

BOGO sales at Shaw’s 5/31 – 6/6  (see flyer)

Langers Juice 64 oz $3.19 to $3.29 (if Langers Plus is included, it’s $3.99)

Polar 1 liter, $1.15 to $1.19 (see $.35 deal)

Ken’s Dressing 16 oz $3.39 (search for coupons, database says there is a B1G1 16 oz out there, that would make them 2 for FREE)

Ruffles chips $4.29

Smartfood popcorn $3.99

Johnsonville Sausage $4.99 (see $2.00 deal)

Plumrose Ham 12 oz $5.99

Plumrose Bacon 16 oz $5.99

Frigo String Cheese 10 – 12 oz $4.99 (search for coupons)

Blue Bunny Ice Cream or Novelties $5.99 (search for coupons, check stash for $.75/1)

Cadbury Novelties $5.99 (search for coupons)

Entenmann’s Little Bites $4.49

Arnold Country Classics Bread 24 oz $3.99 (search for coupons)


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