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Prices on Pet Food at Shaw’s for $5.00 Catalina Deal

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May is National Pet Month and there is a Pet catalina at Shaw’s where if you buy $25 worth of pet food in one transaction thru 5/30, you will get a $5 catalina at the register good toward any future pet food purchase.  If you spend $15 to $24.99, you will get a $3 catalina.

Below are some prices that I jotted down to help you plan your shopping!  There are lots of coupons to go with these sales, but I’m going to let you try your hand at doing your own matchups because I’m beat!

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I will try to come up with some scenarios later, but right now my brain is fried! You can see a couple of deals I came up with earlier here.


Friskies Rise & Shine, Seafood, Grillers, and Indoor dry cat food, 3.15 lb, B1G1 FREE at $4.99 thru 5/9

Friskies Party Mix or Crispies Treats, 2.1 oz, $1.50 thru 5/23

Purina Cat Chow, Kitten Chow, and Naturals dry cat food,  3.15 lb, $4.50 thru 5/16

Purina wet cat food, 5.5 oz cans, $.42 thru 5/9

Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medley’s wet cat food, 3 oz cans, $.90 thru 5/9

Purina Friskies Plus wet cat food, 3.5 oz, $.60 thru 5/9

Kit & Kaboodle dry cat food, 3.15 lb, $4.00 thru 5/30

Iams wet cat food, 3 oz cans, $.75 thru 5/30

Tidy Cats litter, 35 lb, $14.49 thru 5/30

Tidy Cats non clump litter, 20 lb, $4.49 (thru 5/30? can’t read my notes)

Tidy Cats clumping, 20 lb, $10.49 to $10.99 (thru 5/30? can’t read my notes)

Cat’s Pride clumping litter, 20 lb, $5.99 thru 5/30


Gravy Train dry dog food, 16 lb, $7.99 thru 5/30

Alpo dry dog food, 16 lb, $8.99 thru 5/30

Alpo wet dog food, 13.2 oz cans, $.60 thru 5/9

Mighty Dog wet dog food, 5.5 oz cans, $.60 thru 5/9

Come & Get It dry dog food, 16 lb, $8.99 thru 5/30

Purina Dog Chow and Puppy Chow dry dog food, 4.4 lb, $6.59 (reg price)
$.99/1 COUPON – will double!

Whole Care dry dog food, 4.4 lb, $3.89 thru 5/30

Beneful dry dog food, 15.5 ob, $15.99 thru 5/23

Beneful dry dog food, 3.5 lb, $6.99 (reg price)

Beneful dry dog food, 7 lb, $12.49 (reg price)

Beneful Prepared Meals, 10 oz, $1.79 thru 5/23

Beneful Baked Dog Snacks, 9 to 12.5 oz, $4.19 thru 5/9

Whole Care dog biscuits, 26 oz, $2.50 thru 5/9


9 Lives Cat Food, 25% OFF (4-pk cans, 3.5 to 15 lb dry)
Pedigree Dentatix, 6 to 6.2 oz
Purina One dry dog food, 16 lb, $17.99
Purina One Beggin’ Strips 5 to 6 oz, $3.00
Tidy Cats litter, 20 lb, $6.99
Pedigree dry dog food, 17 lbs, $13.99


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4 comments to Prices on Pet Food at Shaw’s for $5.00 Catalina Deal

  • Brandy

    I bought 12 yesterday and I only got the $3 CAT. I’m not sure if it is because I used (3)$1.50/3 Qs.

    • Darlene

      Hmmmm… the coupons are not supposed to matter. I would take the receipt to customer service and they will give you the extra $2.00.

  • Jan Mullen

    Well gosh that figures. I just bought 2 bags of Cat Chow last week when they were B1G1, regular price $4.99. I had to get a rain check to get more because we only use the Indoor Formular kind for our 4 cats. Buying 6 would have definitely printed out a coupon for buying at least $25.00 worth.

    • Darlene

      I tested it yesterday as they are still BOGO but it did not trigger the catalina when buying just 6 since it didn’t count the 3 freebies. You need to buy 12 but then you can use the coupons. I hope this makes sense!