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** ANOTHER LINK ** for FREE Stretch Island Fruit Chews at Shaw’s and Hannaford

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

You know how on you only get 2 prints per computer?  Well, every now and then… we get more!  Once in a blue moon a coupon will appear on different zip codes and each zone will be coded to print. 

That’s what is happening to the Stretch Island Fruit Chews coupon.  Blog follower, Stephanie, was able to print from two different zones… and I was able to also!  This does not mean you will be able to print on every zip code you check, but we might find more zones with a little detective work.

Change your zip code HERE then come back to my links

2 PRINTS:  $.75/1 Stretch Island Fruit Chews zip 02886 (same zone as 03103)

2 PRINTS:  $.75/1 Stretch Island Fruit Chews zip 77477

If you find more zones, please let me know!

Here’s the deal at Shaw’s and Hannaford

Buy (1) Stretch Island Fruit Chews, 5 oz, at $.69 (reg price)
Use (1) $.75/1 Stretch Island Fruit Chews printable coupon (see above)
coupon will not double at shaw’s since shelf price is lower than coupon
Final price is FREE!

TIP: At the Sanford Shaw’s, the Stretch Island Fruit Chews are in organic aisle 4 sort of near the “candy” sign on the bottom shelf. Might be in the organic or all natural section of other stores too.


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5 comments to ** ANOTHER LINK ** for FREE Stretch Island Fruit Chews at Shaw’s and Hannaford

  • Liz

    Kind of dissapointed that Darlene hasn’t responded. This is a deal site, she should not continue (especially if you have pointed it out before, Sarah) to promote the incorrect usage of a coupon! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed, and cares about using coupons correctly… we all know how the deals have changed in the last year or so. Cate – I appreciate your reply, I looked at their site and only saw the two things you mention as well. I think if the coupon was intended for both they would have said it on the coupon, it specifically says CHEW. And what is pictured (not that that matters :)) is exactly what the box looks like. I also saw the fruitabu’s. I went into Shaw’s not knowing that the STRIPS and CHEWS were two different things, but my son likes the Target brand strips, so figured why not. I saw the $.69/$.75 individual STRIPS, but then saw the boxes of CHEWS that were $3.19 each (for 5 packs) and realized the coupon wasn’t for the STRIPS. I figure $1.69 is a decent price for some natural snacks, and my son liked them (strawberry). Anyway, I might buy a few more boxes. Maybe Darlene will eventually chime in… it is her deal after all!

  • Cate

    Not looking to incite an argument, just to pitch in: for what it’s worth, Stretch Island’s website only shows the strips and what’s perhaps a new product and perhaps a replacement for the chews called “FruitaBu”. Thus, perhaps SI put out the Qs for use with the remaining discontinued chews *and* for the continued strips?

  • Liz

    The $.75/1 IP coupon is for the Fruit CHEWS, the product you are promoting to buy with this coupon is a Fruit STRIP (shows that in your photo), two different products made by the same company. The fruit CHEWS are around $3.19 a box (still a great price with coupon), they look just as the picture on the coupon looks, and can be found in the same area in the store, but it is unfair to promote the incorrect usage of coupons, whether the coupon works on it or not!