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How to Check Stock at Your Local Walmart

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I’m going to show you how you can know if your Walmart carries a certain item. It will not give you the price, but it will show if your store has that product in stock, which is very helpful when it comes to deciding if you should print a coupon or not.

First, go to and log in

If you have not yet picked a store, hover over Store Finder at the top of the page and enter your zip code, then pick the store of your choice.



Once you have your store selected, type in whatever you are searching for in the search box. I searched for Farm Rich to see if Sanford carries the Try Me size (we had a sale on those once upon a time)

You may get a list of results depending on your search.   You need to click on a specific item to open the page with all the info.  That’s the page that will tell you if something is in stock.  As you can see, I clicked on Farm Rich Mini Pizza Slices and I see that Sanford has them in stock!

IMPORTANT:  You must follow through and click on the individual item as seen below.  Just because the item shows up in a search, they still might not have it in stock. You must click on the individual item to see if it’s in stock or not.

I hope this helps you out a bit!  Have fun with it!


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