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Request your new Shaw’s tag to use with SavingStar! Call today!

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UPDATE:  If you have questions or issues, please post on Shaw’s facebook page as this is all the info I have.  Many of you are still being told different things from customer service… ugh!


I just called Shaw’s customer service to request my new Shaw’s SavingStar tag that we will be using for SavingStar and I suggest you do the same.  The number is 877-932-7948.  Call today as they said it could be 7 to 10 days before getting the tag in the mail.  There is currently no way to request it online.

Note: This tag is coming from Shaw’s, not SavingStar. Customer service is not sure if the number will stay the same. If your tag number is different, you will need to update your SavingStar account.

Another Note:  You may get an email from SavingStar saying to still scan your Shaw’s card (I just got that email). They also have an alert on their site saying the same thing.  No matter what, still request your tag!

Yay!  Another update! Shaw’s posted on facebook that we can still use our Shaw’s card for SavingStar purposes during the transition.  However, you still need to request your tag! Print this and take it with you in case Shaw’s refuses to scan your card.

Learn about SavingStar today… and sign up!  It’s free and every good couponer uses it! 🙂  Don’t let this messy transition with Shaw’s scare you! lol


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7 comments to Request your new Shaw’s tag to use with SavingStar! Call today!

  • SamanthaRey

    I understand Shaw’s wants to leave behind their card and “start fresh” with their new program, but why all this hassle? I’ve been chatting with Dan on Facebook and finally he said that “in the transition” we can still scan our cards. Well, if they still scan, I’m wondering why we have to go through all this customer support just to switch from one card to another card (okay, the phone call was 5 minutes, tops, but then I have to wait 7-10 days for it to ship). Can’t the customers that use SavingStar just keep our cards, and call it a day? I mean, I use my Hannaford sticker all the time and it doesn’t do a thing for sale prices there. I even have cashiers telling me it “doesn’t do anything”. I tell them I’ve got e-coupons, they shrug, and scan it anyway.

    Sorry, I just needed to vent about all the hoop-jumping when just keeping the Shaw’s card for SavingStar seems like such a simpler solution.

  • kristin b

    ok just figured it out. they send a upromise card with a number that you can register with savingstar that coincides with shaws. so when you call ask for a upromise card!!!!

  • Darlene

    You need some kind of card, sticker, tag, number for SavingStar for every store you use SavingStar at. Shaw’s is switching over from store card to a tag. You will need the tag to get your refunds. In the mean time, you can use your Shaw’s card. But, you will eventually need a tag.

  • kristin b

    what did you ask for when you called because I just called and the woman I talked to had no idea what I was talking about.

    • Darlene

      Unreal! I just waited for the customer service option on the menu.

      • kristin b

        she finally figured it out 15 min. later. it is a upromise card they send out. so for anyone else that is calling ask for that it might speed up the process!!

  • lisa

    I just called them and they say we do not need the card just sign up under savings star, I read them this and he still said we don’t need it urghhhh