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** REMINDER ** Request your new Shaw’s tag to use with SavingStar!

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I got a question today about how to get a SavingStar refund now that Shaw’s has done away with their store card so I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that they need to call to request their tags that they can use at Shaw’s for their SavingStar refunds.

Call this number: 877-932-7948

Tell them you need the Upromise tag (works with SavingStar too)

When your tags come, you need to update the new number in your SavingStar account

You can still have them scan your Shaw’s card until you get your tags.


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5 comments to ** REMINDER ** Request your new Shaw’s tag to use with SavingStar!

  • I registered mine as a Shaws on Saving Star, but for some reason it adds a “2” at the end of my numbers. So because Im not confident in it, I still have them scan my Shaws card. Guess I need to get brave and just try the tag and see if it will work fine, even though it added the extra number. Funny thing is, on my Upromise account, it didnt add any extra numbers, it entered in exactly the way I put it.

  • Mo

    If I have a UPromise card already for Roche Bros can I also use it for Shaws and not have to get this other one?

  • Barb

    I never turned mine in. Shaws will still scan your card if you ask them to.

  • Janice Tomlin

    Do you register it under Albertsons? Or – how do you register as Upromise?