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** HOT NEWS** Shaw’s accepting Competitor’s Coupons plus will allow Coupon Stacking 7/12 – 7/31

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We are in for a wild ride!  Shaw’s is going to accept other store Competitor’s Coupons during a test run from 7/12 through 7/31.  And they will allow stacking one store coupon with one manufacturer coupon!  This means super awesome deals for us!  What fun!!!

You can read the replies to the question I asked on Shaw’s facebook page. Be sure you open the entire thread and read all the hidden replies.

Shaw’s accepting Competitor’s Coupons


Hi Darlene & everyone else! Yes, I have some exciting news to share! Through July 31st, we’ll accept competitor store coupons! With a few exceptions, if a competitor offers a store coupon on an identical item that we carry, we’ll accept it! There are no exclusions to the competitor locations – grocery stores, pharmacies, retail/department stores – are fair game. I did find out that we will not double competitor store coupons under that are valued under $1.00.

Here are additional details:
“Competitor coupons must meet all coupon requirements of our coupon policy and when presented will be honored at face value when we carry the identical product featured on the coupon. Exclusion include but are not limited to coupons for alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, white fluid milk, money orders, lottery tickets, gift cards, phone cards, photo processing and other items prohibited by law. We also reserve the right to end this program for any reason at any time.”

Thank you ~ Dan


Thanks for your patience on the stacking question. The answer is YES, you’ll be able to stack 1 competitor coupon with 1 Manufacturer coupon. You can stack two coupons max on an item (one Shaw’s Store or Competitor’s Store coupon) and one manufacturers coupon on an item.


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13 comments to ** HOT NEWS** Shaw’s accepting Competitor’s Coupons plus will allow Coupon Stacking 7/12 – 7/31

  • Cindy Perry

    They were taking yankee candles coupons,spend $45 and get $20 off and let a lot of people use them and then before the sale week ended they just decided to change their policy unfair of Shaws to the people who was planning to shop there before the new sale started..

  • Amanda

    “YES, you’ll be able to stack 1 competitor coupon with 1 Manufacturer coupon.”

    This is wrong the answer is only if the competitor is a STORE coupon. It has to say STORE on it or it will not stack. Many people are bring in Manufacture cpns with store logos… they are not STORE cpns. Those the store can only take 1 per item.
    This promo has been very confusing for everyone including the checkers who are getting mixed messages from corporate/management and customers.

    • Amanda

      It was correct saying the store can stack only 2 per item if it’s a store and a manufacture. But one must say STORE on it.

  • Jennifer MacDonald

    I would suggest using the $ off a total purchase amount as the first coupon in the pile so the total is highest, then the other coupons. At least that was my plan!

    • Amanda

      You can’t, it’s required to scan those last so the total is the smallest amount for discount. Most coupons say it’s after all other discounts are applied.

  • Sarah

    Dan said on your Facebook post that they will be accepting basket coupons ($x/$x purchase) but I’m wondering if the minimum purchase requirement is before or after other coupons?

    • Darlene

      I would say that if the coupon does not state that it has to be after coupons, then it should be before coupons. The only way to know is to try. This is new to us and them. They are testing it, so let’s put them to the test! 🙂

  • Ami

    Woo hooo it includes Target coupons!!

  • Trish

    Can someone please provide a link to Shaw’s current coupon policy? Thanks.

  • Patrick

    Do you know if Shaw’s will accept BOGO store coupons? I have found some Dollar General and Target coupons that are Buy X, get X free and would love to use them at Shaw’s if allowed.

    • Darlene

      All you can do is try! This is a test for Shaw’s so they have no clue what we will hit them with. My gut says they will accept it!

    • Amanda

      Yes you can use them as long as they carry the product and size stated on the coupon.