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Joy Ice Cream Cones Only 39 CENTS at Shaw’s with Printable Coupon

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.


I’m not sure if Joy ice cream cones are on sale right now at Shaw’s or not. I’m going to assume they are not.  If they are (they often are), you will get an even better price!

Here’s the deal at Shaw’s any day
Buy (1) Joy Ice Cream Cones 12 ct at $1.49 (reg price)
Use (1) $.55/1 Joy printable (change zip to 03103 here, come back to link)
coupon will double to $1.10 off
Final price is only $.39!


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5 comments to Joy Ice Cream Cones Only 39 CENTS at Shaw’s with Printable Coupon

  • Limit reached on the cones.

  • Jan

    Keep on doing what you are doing girl. Not everyone has a choice of stores to choose from so posting deals to different stores does help many more folks. I do not expect to get everything as an extreme deal or free items every week. Not that those aren’t great fun to get . I recommend your site to every one that stops me in the store and asks hows I get such great deals. I always tell them that getting everything free or super cheap isn’t the norm. But that you can definately save 50% to 75% off your grocery bill. I check you site several times a week and also do some matching on my own as well. Keep up the great work!!! Jan M Litchfield ME

  • tonya

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile. I’ve “almost” written this to you many times and stop because it really is not my business how you run it, but today I feel I should share. As for your posts, they are still awesome and they are deals. I feel that ever since you added “other posters” things have changed. First of all look at this page…. having separate posts about the same coupon and just telling the different price at a different store is a waste of time. If you post about a new coupon and how it relates to shaws, there shouldn’t be another whole post to tell me how much it is at target… put it on the same post or let me figure it out myself. Another thing, in regards to your “other posts” (I’m sure it’s because of how they are paid) posting about a coupon then telling me the regular price at a store and how to apply the simple coupon is not a DEAL. It shouldn’t be labeled as such. Also why not just have a list of new coupons for the day. We all know how to apply a coupon to a regular priced item…. I feel that these kind of posts have taken over your blog. What used to be a place I would come to finding very good prices and deals and how to coordinate the different coupons with store policies has become a blog of very little “DEALS”. It’s got a whole lot more posts, but either they are just posts about putting a coupon with a regular price item or it’s a duplicate of one already posted a few hours ago. I have no intention of sounding rude, I merely want you to know Darlene that I have loved your blog. At this point, I mostly scroll quickly down to find your posts and move quickly that way. I just wanted you to know I think it’s changed since you added new people. Maybe for you it’s better???? either way, just thought I’d share

    • Darlene

      Hi Tonya, thanks for your feedback. Please remember that some followers will never get the good deals that others get since they might only have one or two stores they can shop at. A deal is a deal, even if not a super bargain. If I post a deal for Walmart and one of my contributors also finds a deal using that same coupon for the store they cover, I encourage them to post it too, so their readers can find that deal in that store category. When you see one of my posts, you can click on my name at the top and it will sort to only my deals so you can quickly and easily skip all the rest. But, I have also started to post deals that are not just super bargains because I want to help lots of people to save at least some money instead of helping only those who want only cheap or free things. It’s a hard transition for me since I myself only like the cheap deals. But, I have to think of others. So, it’s not better for me, but hopefully it’s better for them. It’s a work in progress!